Monday, May 25, 2015

Blurry Photography by Susan....It's time to DO something about it.

I love photography.  
Simply love it. 
Before Lanie or Griffin (I can't remember which one...or could have been's all a blur to me to be honest) we purchased a DSLR camera.  We got some black Friday deal and were super pumped about it.  Finally,I was going to be a professional photographer ;)
Well, I still can't figure it out.  
9 out of 10 of my pictures are blurry.  
We have talked about taking a class.
Dan read a photography for dummies book.
And...we still stink at it.  

We can take 100 pictures and get one or two good ones.  We simply have NO clue what we are doing.  And I AM SICK OF IT.  
I have blogged about my poor photography before and made a promise to myself to do something about it and never did.  


Enter in my intervention.  
Photography by Jill Ann. 

Here's the deal.  I met Jill Ann a few months ago.  She started coming to church and was interested in attending a Friday at the Farm session.  She came (and loved it, of course).  So when she was at my house I asked to take a picture of her with her craft.  I took the picture and then she asked to see my camera.  She changed a few settings and asked me to retake the picture.  And. It. Was. Amazing.  

What the what?  Just a few easy clicks and I could have taken that same picture?  Seriously, it ticked me off.  Why oh why have I waited so long?  

So...Jill Ann started to tell me that she teaches a photography workshop.  Back the boat up.  What?  And she live less than 2 minutes from my house.  Shut the front door.  Come on now.  
 So this is the deal.  Jill Ann came to my house on Saturday.  I walked her through my process of taking a picture...then she took the same or very similar picture.  Here are the results.  

So this is Sadie.  She loves to read.  Jill Ann told me to take a picture of her reading.  So I did.  I took the first two pictures on the setting "P".  They look ok....but if you really look..she is blurry.  I know...Shocker.

 Then I clicked the setting to auto...cause that's all I know how to do.  And this is what I got.
 Then Jill Ann came in with her fancy knowledge and shot this picture.  Whoa...hold she actually in focus?  Is Jill Ann using the natural light instead of shoving Sadie in a corner?  She sure is.
 Ok....round 2.  Who is gonna win this battle of photography?

We headed out by the baby chicks.  I thought I would try to take Abbie holding the chick and was trying to get her a little out of focus but focus on the chick.  I had this super cool picture idea in my head.  This is what I got.   The chick is out of focus and the background is UGLY.

And...Jill Ann wins again.  Seriously, look at that baby chick!

Ok...I am gonna totally nail the next shot.  I got this.  So I took Griffin outside and had him sit on some old tires.  This is my shot.  Sigh....I thought it was good until I saw Jill Ann's picture.  

I mean come one now.  Look at the lighting on her photo. No shadows?  Now I am just getting mad!

 Ok...maybe a different child would help with my photo taking abilities.  I mean, Lanie is pretty cute! So she was looking adorable and I snapped a few shots of her.  Hmmmm...I guess looking into the sun isn't a good option.

 And of course...this is Jill Ann's photo.  People....we are working with the SAME models here!  Look at that picture.  It makes me want to cry.
 And another epic failure on my part.  Here is Gavin...looking into the sun with his blond hair.  Jill Ann said the sun was too high and the shadows and sun were not "good" for photography...but she turned her picture black and white and scored this awesome picture of my boys.

So I officially lost the photography battle.  Shocking, I know.  Jill Ann and I chatted for quite a bit and I asked her how she learned and what she did.  She told me all about her training and who she trained under.  Clearly she knows what she is doing!

Well, this is the part that I am super duper excited for!  Jill Ann is holding a photography workshop at her house on June 6th! (and some other dates as well)  I am biting the bullet and taking the class.  I am sick of not knowing what I am doing.  I want YOU to take the class with me!

If you want to sign up to take the June 6th class with me click is two days after my birthday....just saying...incase you want to spend the day with me!

JUNE 6 - SIGN UP HERE - This is the class where I become a Pro!  I'd love to have you join me!  
OCTOBER 10 - SIGN UP HERE - This will be Jill Ann's last Workshop for 2015 so don't miss out!

The details for the workshop are all HERE.  Go read about Jill Ann and look at what she does and fall in love and then come back and sign up for the workshop with me already!

**** USE PROMO CODE WILKE25 to get $25 off your Workshop! ****

I can't wait for Jill Ann to share her knowledge with me!  After I learn what I am doing I want to practice, practice, practice!  I want to be able to take amazing pictures.  I have this nice camera and have NO idea what to do with it!  After I know what I am doing, watch out world!

Oh and I should mention.  You have to have a DSLR camera to attend the class...and you NEED to bring it with you!  Unless you want to pay the money to just sit with me...I'm cool with that too!  (but for can do that for free anytime at my house! )

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