Monday, March 16, 2015

So that's what warm weather feels like!

I think I have said good-bye to my funk.  I have turned the corner for sure...Praise the Lord!  

Our weeks fly by.  Sometimes I don't even know how to process all that happens in a day at our house.

This past weekend we attended the school dance.  The kids were excited because they got to pull out their outfits from Sadie's 50's party.  Griffin totally gets into character.  He has me spike his hair and then he keeps checking to make sure it stays spiked.  Maybe one day he will be playing in ignition, Pastor Bryan!  

Saturday was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.  I forgot what it was like to have warm weather.  This will be our first spring at our new house.  We have about 1 1/2 acres of land which is glorious.  It also brings tons of trees and twigs and sticks and leaves.  We had yard clean up day for a few hours on Saturday.  Each of the older kids got $2 to help and the littles got $1.  They would have helped without bribery  however they do help out a lot and we thought we would reward them a little bit!
 Molly got van clean out duty.  It was bad.  Like disgusting.  A long winter filled with 7 children's "Leftovers".  It took her a long time to clean out the van.  Not one complaint.  Phew!
 Griffin and Lanie even got into helping pick up sticks and leaves.  I loved watching them all work together.  Don't mind that huge pile of metal in the corner...that is boiler leftovers that need to make their way to the scrap yard...along with the boiler beast that is still in the basement!
 Dan FINALLY found Griffin's charger to his motorcycle he got over a year ago and hasn't ever taken a ride on.  He was pumped.
 I have been going strong still with exercising.  2 weeks in...every. Single. Day.  I made the mistake of getting on the scale (maybe daily) and getting super frustrated.  The numbers just were not going down.  I almost gave up.  Almost.  Then I pulled myself back together and pressed on.  I know my times are not good and I am slow yet, but I am alternating running and walking.  The other day I ran for 10 minutes straight.  I many of you that is just your warm up...but to me...out of shape mom of 7...10  minutes seemed like a marathon.  Slow but surely I will get there!
 I made this today...It's not done yet, but it is just so happy!  I am going to finish it up tomorrow and let you all see the finished product.  I am offering this class as a special session on March 24th....go sign up!
 Griffs and Lanie begged me to take them somewhere today.  To the park we went.  I am just SO happy that God knew we needed a 7th child.  Lanie and Griffin are best buddies.  They would be lost without each other.  So when I questioned God 4 years ago about #7...HE knew best.  HE always does.
 They both claimed the rock wall at the park.  I almost had a heart attack watching them.  I thought for sure they were going to fall off.  They didn't.  Oh, and Griffin has found a love for rain boots.  Silly boy!

 Then the big kids got to climb after school.  We headed to the Y so I could walk and they were going to do their actives.  It didn't go so well.  Griffin and Lanie didn't want to go to the childcare so they ended up getting pushed in a double stroller on the track.  Joining the Y...Best decision EVER!

We went to Costoc tonight.  That is always fun...spending money on food that will be gone in a week.  We bought 10 gallons of milk today, one gallon was only $2.01!  That's a super awesome deal!  Dan and I thought we won the lottery!

This is our first week of no basketball, no night commitments...nothing.  It feels good.  We ate together as a family and enjoyed family time.  Yay for that!  Soccer will start soon....which I do look forward to cause I may be a bit of a soccer mom!

Off to meet a friend for a late night walk....'night!

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