Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oh what a weekend! Marriage proposals and mental breakdowns.

The past few days have gone by in a whirlwind.  On Friday I had two sessions...then on Saturday we had to pack 900 candy bags for our big Easter Jam this Saturday...(lots of people came to help with this!)...then I had another session Saturday night then off to work Sunday morning and then a mental breakdown Sunday afternoon.  That pretty much sums up the weekend.  
 First of all.... we had some very exciting news here at the farm on Saturday night!  Erika had planned a birthday party at my house with a bunch of her friends.  Isn't that a great idea for a birthday party?  Ok so anyways, her boyfriend contacted me via email and asked me to call him.  He was wanting to propose and was hoping I could help him.  So I pulled Nellie out of my pocket again and she designed him a sign to create.  And create he did!   He made this sign all my himself!!!  Notice the ring hanging on the bottom of the sign on a nail?  All. His. Idea.  He worked hard on his sign in a separate room from Erika.  Pretty sure she knew something was up....but it was still so adorable!  Congrats you guys!  I am so glad I got to be a small part of your forever!
 After the session on Saturday night I cleaned up and headed to bed....I was pretty crabby and tired by then.  I headed to work early Sunday morning and got home a little after 2:00.  I had this grand idea that we should take the kids somewhere.  Their spring break is this week and I thought we could go to a waterpark to swim for the afternoon or something.  After 2 hours of searching and pricing and getting super frustrated I ended up in my bed crying.   Mental. Breakdown.  Why does everything have to be SO expensive?  I looked for groupons and coupons and did it all.  Almost $500 to spend a night at a hotel?  Crazy ridiculous.  So I did what any logical mom that can't give their kids the world would do....I cried.  And then I pulled out things to sell!  I had been wanting to go through our tubs and tubs of clothes and started selling them on a Facebook page.  So that is how I spend my Sunday night.
 Then I woke up on Monday morning and tried again.  Ok...I wanted to do something special with the kids for one day before the Easter Jam crazy started the rest of the week.  So I did some research and decided to try LegoLand in Schaumburg for the day.  I found a coupon and then took them after 4:00 so we would get even more of a discounted price.  I had read all the reviews saying it was pretty lame.  And it was.  But, the kids had a good time and it wasn't busy at all.  Would I go again?  No.  However, I think my kids would in a heartbeat.  They did have the streets of Chicago all done in legos which was super cool.  I would maybe go again just to see that part!
 Yesterday the kids played board games together.  It was so sweet.  Well, the girls played board games I should say.  Notice the two boys jumping on the furniture?

 It has been really really nice having them at home.  I really do miss them when they are at school.  Well, I don't miss having to feed them lunch every day...but everything else I miss.

 And this is my treat to "spring has got to be coming treat."  How can you not stop at IKEA when you are visiting LegoLand?  I found this super cute plant holder and pots and I knew the perfect place for it.  The pots were $1.99 and the plant holder was on sale for $29.99.  I can't wait to head to Eberts to buy a few plants to fill my pots!  My little bit of spring inside!

I felt bad that I had a mental breakdown.  Having a larger family is just different.  I have to keep reminding myself that.  We need two hotel rooms or a suite if we are to go anywhere.  We can't swing that right now.  And that is ok.  We have each other.  Our kids our healthy and we can have fun without going to a waterpark.  Being together is what is really important.  I just have to keep praying that I don't forget what really matters!

Off to Easter Jam rehearsal!  Yay!  So excited :)

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