Saturday, March 21, 2015

Keeping busy!

Things are always on the "go" at our house.  Yesterday was filled with 2 crafting sessions!  A morning pallet sign/twine wrapped letter session and an evening private session.  
I created this craft for on of our upcoming sessions and I just LOVE it!  The clipboard was my favorite!  

 We had 3 brave twine wrapped letter crafters and the rest created pallet signs with some of our new spring sayings!

 Some just free handed their entire sign.....yes, she is amazing!

 For the evening session we only had a few ladies for a private session, but their signs turned out super awesome!  Lots of creativity happening on the farm!

 Look at this awesome bike rack someone gave us!  Will the bikes stay this organized?!?!  Yeah, probably not.
 My nephews are here for the weekend.  They. Are. AWESOME!  Lots of help and the kids love having their cousins around :)
 I am hosting a birthday party private session starting NOW!!  Must go...they just pulled in!
And this happened too!  I'll post more in a bit :) 

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