Friday, March 13, 2015

I can't believe I did that....

Sometimes I agree to things and I don't know how I even agreed to them!

The church I work for is holding it's biggest outreach event...Easter Jam.  Last year we made a video to a parody of Let it go and we didn't think we could top that.

We knew we wanted to try...and try we did.  Dan and I were on a date night one night and I was telling him that we wanted to try and do another parody for an Easter Jam promotional video.  So there it began.  We started in the Kopp's parking lot making up words to Taylor Swift's Shake it off song.  We played the song over and over again changing the words to help us promote Easter Jam.  We made our way to Target and we ended up parking and writing more lyrics and never even going in to the store.  And so began our Easter Jam video....

Our children's ministry staff worked together to create a background and prep all the materials...and then we pulled everyone in the staff into the video....

And I am so embarrassed and HATE seeing myself on this.  However, Dan reminded me that our children would LOVE to see their mommy in the video and that seemed to help my ego. it is...Our Easter Jam Video.  (Click on the highlighted area and it will take you to the video)

Click on the link and skip the ad when you can and watch me make a complete fool out of myself.  Pig tails and all!

It's for the children....It's for the children.  It's to help us get the word out about Easter Jam so people will come and get the hear the amazing news of what Jesus did for them.

Breathe, Susan, Breathe....

If you can come, we would love to have you!  After the family service we have a huge egg hunt....and I will be sporting my pig tails again in a skit....uh huh...It's for the kids!

It's Easter Jam, It's Easter Jam!  You'll be singing it all day long :)

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