Monday, March 9, 2015

Fridays at the Farm: Mason Jar Welcome Sign!

Well another session has come and gone... I will be honest...I was a bit scared by this craft! The Welcome sign had a lot of steps that required drying time and drilling.  Yikes!  The morning session had 13 ladies and the evening session had 24 ladies.  It. Was. Awesome. (at least I think it was!)  I try to be as prepared as possible for each craft session.  I try to think about what hurdles we might run in to.  Overall, I just want everyone to leave with a completed craft that they are happy with.  After the morning session finished, I knew I was going to have to do some refiguring for the larger night group.  The morning session ran smoothly for the 13 women, but I knew that doubling the number of crafters at the night session would require more room and more stations.  
 I had two stations set up for each crafter...the painting station and then their work station.  This would allow for their signs to dry while they went to their work station to paint their jar and prep for completing the sign.  Knowing full well that I have no idea how to use a drill, Dan was a great help at the evening session!  Nellie is my sidekick in the morning and Dan, by default, became my sidekick at night!  He did the drilling and the attaching of the jars and I basically walked around and took pictures :)

 Here are a few pictures from the morning session.  The signs looked unfinished when the ladies left.  Because we were using chalkboard paint on some of the signs they were unable to write on them right away.  Chalkboard paint takes about 3 days to cure so the ladies had to be patient and let their signs fully cure before writing on them!  Some of you have sent me pictures already with the finished product and they are adorable!


After the morning session wrapped up, I enjoyed lunch with a mom's group I am part of.  It was so nice to be able to get together with some of them and just "be."  Although I was in a bit of a panic about how I was going to pull off the crafting session with 24 women later that night!  After my friends left I had to run to home depot to buy more boards for the night session...which was a good thing!  Some of the boards were in rough shape that we had purchased and I wanted to make sure everyone had a "good" board.
After I got the boards and headed home, we prepped for the evening session.  The ladies started arriving a little after 6 and we got straight to painting!  Again, I love love love all the creativity you guys bring into my home!  

We got smart and used hair dryers to help dry the paint for the sign and the jars.  They were a lifesaver for sure!  

Some ladies chose black chalkboard paint, some chose white chalkboard paint and some chose white craft paint.  Some chose to distress their boards around the edges, some chose to distress their boards a lot, and some chose to not distress at all!

 Jars were painted different colors.  Different color ribbons and fabric were used to create unique, one of a kind boards!
These 3 girls hand drew their own "Welcome" on their board. free handing for wouldn't be pretty...but their boards turned out fantastic!  

 I love the distressed look around the edges of the black chalkboard sign....LOVE!!
 And this also happened during the session.  The kids were upstairs during the session and Lanie must have snuck down to be a part of the action.  We found her sound asleep on the couch snuggling with her blanket.

 I told you everyone's board was unique and adorable!

What a great session.  It ran much smoother than I had anticipated.  I hope you guys all had a great time and are happy with your finished product!!

Thank you for being brave and coming to a random persons house and crafting with me!  Meeting you all and getting to know you and having repeat crafters fills me up!

We did some changing of the craft sessions...check our our schedule of classes at the top of the blog for an updated session list!  

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