Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oh what a week it's been!

To say this past week has been crazy would be a bit of an understatement.  I will keep it brief, though...I have way too much to do before noon today!  

I made these twice this past week...yummy.

Gavin turned 7 last Wednesday.  7?  7!!!!
 We took 2 of his friends to skyzone.  He wanted the entire class to come.  Frankly, I did too.  The checking account said "no."

We ate at applebees...
I was asked to make local high school pennant flags. 12 of them.  It's a lot harder than it looks!
Molly and Sadie's Basketball team took 1st place in the conference tournament AND 1st place in our conference overall.  It was such a good championship game....I love that team!
 We made these for Sadie's birthday treat for school.  Her most favorite thing to eat are cheeseburgers.  Since we couldn't bring real cheeseburgers we made our own along with fries.
And more pennant flags....I still have 2 to finish today.
Sadie turned 11 yesterday.  11?  11!!!!  
We had two trays of burgers and fries we delivered to her school class.
 Sadie's friends for a birthday pic!
I made these this week for two upcoming events....
 We made our way back to the dentist for the 3rd week in a row.
Kenadie is our first child to have a cavity filled.  More to be filled next week.  We made it 12 1/2 years with no cavities in our home!
 Lanie got a special cheeseburger from Sadie...
 And so did our newly potty trained Griffin!  Yes, he IS potty trained!
I bought these yesterday at St. Vinneys.....stay tuned for updates on broken bones!  ( I did buy them for a purpose...stay tuned for that as well!)
 We celebrated Sadie's birthday with a store bought jumbo cookie that may or may not have made me get sick last night.
 We have gone through 12 gallons of milk this past week.
In addition:

We forgot to feed a child we had spend the day with us....like never fed her and she had to go home in the middle of the night from being light headed...CAUSE WE DIDN'T FEED HER.  Yup, sure didn't.

Griffin is potty trained.

Dan is working on landing a larger job which has kept him quite busy.

I am mad that the stores don't have their Easter stuff out yet....I am needing things to prep for Easter Jam.

Griffin is potty trained.

I sat on the floor of way too many bathrooms for way too long this past week.

My mom took the girls to Justice to shop...without me.  They sure have "different" taste.

I have the kids Easter outfits all planned out....just gotta wait for sales.

Griffin is potty trained.

I have been to Michael's craft store 4 times in one week.

I haven't even checked my Fridays at the Farm stuff this week....I will play catch up tonight.

Griffin is potty trained.

And finally..... I got to be a part of a totally amazing and awesome "GOD" moment on Sunday.  It was so amazing and I can't wait to share what happened with all of you!  That is going to be my next post...and hopefully I can write that this afternoon!

and breath.

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