Thursday, February 12, 2015

My very own miracle

Aside from being a mom to 7 kids (all of them whom happen to be potty trained now!), being a wife to one totally awesome hunk a hunk of burning love (who helps me cricut and raise 7 potty trained kids), trying to pull off Fridays at the Farm with Nellie (who God brought into my life at the perfect time and now she lives in my back pocket...ask her...I email, text or call her daily for something and she never once complains to me about it...maybe to her hubby, but never to me!), I also work part time at a church in the children's ministry.  (was that the longest run on sentence ever with way too many dot dot dots and way too many  (  ) ?!?!?!  

Ok on to the miracle.  

With my church job I oversee the nursery area.  The 0-3 year old section.  (3 year olds that are potty trained get to move up to the preschool area....did I mention that Griffin is potty trained?!?!)  

Along with overseeing the nursery I also oversee the Milestone #1 class which talks about parents being the primary faith trainers in their children's lives.  

I was supposed to meet with someone on February 1st  but because of snow we cancelled and rescheduled for last Sunday, February 8th.

That was ALL God.  

On my drive to church I prayed that God would help me focus on three things.  I wanted to be genuine, welcoming and impactful.  I really focused on impactful.  I mean really how impactful can I be running the nursery?  

I was able to meet with the woman this we started off this past Sunday together and I asked her how her week was.  It wasn't good.  She is a single mom, overwhelmed, and working hard to provide for her children.  

We talked about her burdens and her problems, her frustrations and fears.  

We talked about reading scripture.  Sometimes not knowing where to start can be so scary.  I remember when I started attending a Bible study 5 or 6 years ago I felt so lost.  There were so many ladies there that were so seasoned in the word and would talk about scripture and quote it and I would have no idea where the passage was or sometimes what Bible story they were even talking about.  I do believe I stopped attending that Bible study because I felt inferior and dumb.  

I then remember sharing that with someone.  I could barely shower at that time, let alone spend hours a day reading scripture like some women can do.  I had 5 kids 5 and under and could hardly function. I don't know who said it, but someone told me that women all have different seasons in our lives.  I was in a season of raising children...God had blessed me with children and that is right where He wanted me.  Now they weren't giving me an excuse to not at least try to read the Bible or have time with God, but they were letting me know that right where I was, was ok. 

I tried to explain this to my friend on Sunday.  I also encouraged her that she had to start somewhere to deepen her relationship with God.  We talked about finding a few scripture passages and putting them on sticky notes and posting one on her mirror or on her dashboard.  Gentle reminders in her life that God will provide and God will always be near her.  I told her my favorite scripture verse and how I repeat that in my head time after time.  We also talk about the Power in the name of Jesus.  She said she loved that song on K-Love and I said sometimes just saying His name, Jesus, has such power.  For real people...we talked about all of this. 
I said that maybe she start with a Jesus calling book and explained what that was.  Short devotions doable for her right now while she nurses or feeds her babies.  I took a quick scan of our office and found the exact book I was needing on my co-workers desk.  I said, "let's start today...let's read February 8th together right now."  And this is what it said.....

And by the end we were both in tears.  

"Help me, Jesus!"  Is what did it for me.  We had JUST talked about the power in HIS name...and boom.  

I know God had me there at that time and He used me in that very moment.  I don't think I have ever felt that way before.  I mean I know He uses me to do His work, but it has never been as crystal clear as it was on February 8th.  

I,of course,  gave my friend the book and encouraged her to read the daily devotions.  

What an incredible moment that was for both of us.  

I prayed that God would make me impactful that day.  I didn't know that God would have such a huge impact on me that day.  

What an awesome God we serve.  

This is the book I gave her.  It is the child's version of the book, but I actually love reading this version as well as the adult version.  My oldest just got this as a Christmas gift and I have been sneaking into her room and reading it.  

What power there is in prayer and in the name of Jesus!  

On a separate note...Nellie and I have made some changes to our schedule of classes...stay tuned for an update!  

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