Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flashback to the '50's! Sadie turns 11-Diner style!

I am not even sure where to begin!  What a great weekend!  Alright I will try to put my enthusiasm in to words for you guys!  Each year the church I work for puts on a big Valentine's Banquet complete with dinner and a comedian.  This year it happened to fall on Valentine's Day.  In short, you can volunteer to decorate a table and find people to sit at your table with you.  The theme this year was the 1950's and right away I knew I was in!  I asked a few couples we know if they would want to attend and then started planning away.  I, of course, pulled Nellie out again and asked for her help!  Nellie and her hubby were attending the dinner with us so we got right to work.  I did the shopping and she did the graphic designing.  Let me say this....Everything EXCEPT the plates was purchased at thrift stores!  FOR REAL.  I found those pool colored coffee cups, coke glasses, sundae cups, placemats, large vases for milkshakes, my entire outfit, and the bubble gum machine at either St. Vinny's, Goodwill, or Bethesda Thrift store.  I spotted those adorable plates at Target for $1.99 each that match 100% perfectly with the cups I got at Bethesda.  I know...right?!?!  The chairs were from our dining room and the coke bottles were a gift for coming to the dinner.  I did have the plastic baskets with liners at my house that I purchased at Target in the $1.00 section during the summer.  I was so very happy with the way our table turned out!  My three oldest even made the tiny burgers for a second time this week to add a little extra special touch!  The banquet was so fun with such great company and friends!  I found roller skates at St. Vinney's last week so I did sport them for 3 hours last night...and I didn't fall once....close a couple of times, but didn't!

So that brings me to Sadie's party!  Sadie turned 11 last Monday.  Like any good mom, I talked about planning a party and never did.  I think it was on Monday or Tuesday that I had a light bulb moment...ok Susan, you are planning 50's stuff for the banquet...make Sadie's party a 50's themed party.  Hello....great idea!  I was going to have all the stuff anyways and would just need to get it all cleaned up from Saturday night and prep it for Sunday afternoon....and that is exactly what took place!  Of course the girls were going to need poodle skirts for the occasion so I called my mom up and she made 15 poodle skirts for me.  I only take credit for the poodle's themselves.  She did the cutting and the sewing of the skirts!   Ok on to party pictures!

I was able to borrow a few pieces from the banquet last night to use for Sadie's party which was AMAZING.  Boom. Instant decorations!  We went full out with diner food.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, chips, root beer floats, and ice cream sundaes!  The girls could NOT wait for people to arrive.  A lot of spinning and dancing and laughing took place before the girls arrived at 4:00.
 Ahhhh.... my little Lanie Rae.  She was LOVING her skirt....full out twirling and dancing and totally getting into the mood!
 We lined up all the poodle skirts on the bench so when Sadie's friends would arrive they could get into character right away!
 Patiently awaiting guests!  We moved our table out of the living room area to create a dance floor for the girls and they thought that was the best thing ever!
 Lorena borrowed me some her awesome decorations from her banquet tables as well so I could not only decorate one area but multiple areas!

 Nellie created a printable party for me.  Napkin rings, name tags, straw flags, chair backs, and banners!  They were the best thing ever!

 The girls came in and were greeted by this really rude waitress.  I am not sure where she came from but she showed up and demanded that she would be the hostess so I let her.  Too bad we didn't get any pictures of her...what a bummer.  ;)

The girls got ready and did some dancing while we made root beer floats and kiddie cocktails.  Sugar them up right away!  The diner was all set up and ready to go for the girls.

I reused everything from the banquet the night before.  I had been asked to make pennant flags for the banquet which I was able to borrow back for Sadie's party!  The milkshakes were made from large vases from Goodwill and then I shoved tissue paper and pillow case stuffing in them.  I topped them with a small red pom pom and then found these jumbo straws at Michael's.  Easiest thing to make ever.  No cutting and no gluing.
 Our rude waitress took the orders and the kitchen help got right to work on filling them.  I do say the service was very speedy.  After the girls ate we had ice cream sundaes for dessert in our coffee cups!
I did let the kitchen help eat as well!  They were all totally in to the diner and were wanting to help.  They got to help serve the food and drinks!  

 After much silliness and giggles and pictures we opened presents.  I couldn't help but smile as I watched all the girls sitting in their poodle skirts just being silly and having fun.

After the presents came the sock hop.  That was SO MUCH FUN!  I couldn't even handle it.  The singing and giggles almost made me cry.  Everyone was dancing and I could go on and on about it.  It just made everything so worth it.

 I mean, really, they were doing all these dances on their own and the even included all my little kids.

There are so many pictures I have left out and so many details I know I didn't touch on, but it's late and frankly this mamma is pooped.

And now for a disclaimer from me...*** I don't post these pictures to brag or show off.  I really truly enjoy entertaining.  I seriously LOVE to do this kind of stuff.  It fills my bucket.  I love to see my kids having fun and feeling special.  I know not everyone can do this.  I know I put way to much time and thought into all the details.  Being able to share my gift with other kids and families brings me joy.  So please don't hate on me....really....I am just a mom that loves to have a good extravaganza once in a while! I also don't do this all on my own.  In fact, I had to work this morning and my husband and children did most of the decorating (with some minor readjusting by me).  My mom was so helpful to make all the poodle skirts (thanks Mom!)  I am indeed feeling horrible as a few of my other children told me that I never do this kind of stuff for their birthdays.  After all, Gavin turned 7 and we did party, no extravaganza.  **** disclaimer over

As I sat and watched all the kids dancing tonight I was reminded at what a blessing our new home is. We might have cold air leaking in on all the windows and a leaking toilet...but by golly we can have a sock hop in our living room and I wouldn't trade that for anything!


  1. How cute girls!! Sadie is looking very pretty on her birthday. You know I also have a cute little girl and she’ll turn 4 in the next month. My home is quite small to invite the guests to the party so we have been thinking to book a small party venue. I am looking for some inexpensive Banquet Halls for organizing the party.

  2. Hi Drew....where are you located? Maybe I can help you find a venue for your little girl's party.