Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do you have to go potty?

I have asked that question over 500 times since Monday.  Remember, I am potty training this week?  How could you forget?  I certainly can't forget since every 2 minutes I am asking Griffin if he has to go potty.  BTW...not ONCE has he said, "yes."  Not one time.  

Ok, so here's the deal.  You would think by #7 I would be a potty training pro.  That I would be able to just speak the words, "Griffin go potty" and he actually would.  

One would think that I know what I am doing.  

One may think that I trained all of the other 6 the exact same way and I am super good at it.

One could think I would be happy to potty train our baby.  


The last 4 days have been exhausting.  Griffin is actually "going" potty right now.  And by "going" I mean he is sitting on the potty chair and will be sitting there for probably a half hour and some may OR may not come out.  

The majority of the times I ask tell him he needs to try he screams and cries.  

Example:  Yesterday was Gavin's birthday.  (I will post separately on his big day..but will wait till I am in a little better of a mood!)  Ok, carry on, Susan.  The day started off by heading to work for a meeting yesterday.  Potty chair in hand.  (Cause I LOVE having extra things to carry more than my usual load of things I carry.)  Press on...ok, so I knew he had to go.  So at 9:30 a.m.  I took his frog potty chair into the bathroom at work and sat on the floor with him rubbing his back trying to convince him to "squeeze" some out.  Didn't happen.  So we go down to one of the nursery rooms and I give him a little bit and make him try again.  This time we put the potty chair on the vinyl rug in one of the rooms.  I sat him on the chair and covered him up with his blankets (cause that is what we have to do every. single. time.)  And then we wait.  And wait.  I finally handed him my phone and walked away.  A few minutes later I asked if he went and he said, "yes."  Now one would think that because he hates sitting on the potty chair as soon as he goes he would say something.  Wrong again. Yay!  You did it, Griffs!  We do the potty dance.  And then he stands up and I realize that he actually didn't make it into the toilet.  It shot straight up soaking his blankets and dripping down the potty chair. Awesome.  Alright, so I hold it together trying to celebrate the messy potty victory and clean it up and carry on.  30 minutes later her pees in his pants.  I found out that he didn't want to go back on the potty chair cause his blanket was wet.  Sigh.

Fast forward ALL DAY.  He didn't go at all.  His accident happened at about 11:30 and by 8:00 at night he still hadn't gone anymore.  He would just cry and cry and whine and say he didn't have to go and things got super frustrating.  We knew he had to go but we couldn't handle the crying anymore.  I mean, seriously, how long can you sit on a toilet and not go to the bathroom?  Fine. Don't go.  

We had to leave to take Lanie to ballet and then we were heading to dinner for Gavin's birthday...potty chair in tow.  I carried the froggy potty chair into Applebees, oh yes I did.  Dan got the other kids situated and I took Griffin into the bathroom and hoped and prayed something would come out.  There I sat on the floor of applebees in the large stall rubbing his back, praying with him and for him, waiting for potty to come out.  All while he screamed bloody murder.  I heard plenty of patrons enter and exit the bathroom while I sat on the dirty floor trying to keep my cool with my screaming child waiting for a drop to come out.  Didn't happen.

We went back to the table and ate our dinner.  Then Dan took him and tried.  Nothing. Now we are not torturing him, but since he hadn't gone since 11:00 we knew he had to go.  Off I went to try again after we ate.  This time I wasn't going to leave that bathroom without potty success.  So I got back down on the ground, rubbed his back, and listened to him scream.  It. Was. Awesome.  Super relaxing and made me feel like an amazing mom.  -----insert sarcasm.  

After 10 minutes I asked him if he had gone and he casually said , "yes."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  You went to the bathroom who knows when and you didn't tell me so I could get off the nasty floor?!?!?!  Of course I didn't say that...I did the potty dance and hugged him and praised him and clapped and loved on him.  We promptly washed our hands and ran out to tell Daddy.  That was followed by a trip across the street to Target to get a special prize. (Although I am pretty sure I deserved the special prize at that point, but I refrained.)

He was allowed to drink his chocolate milk after he went potty so he downed that in no time.  So I figured that since he drank that entire milk he would have to go again before bed time.  We unsuccessfully tried that and he went to bed with a pull up on.  

I felt defeated.  I felt like a complete parent failure.  I mean come one now...the kid turned 3 in December...he should be potty trained.  

I almost gave up.  

I almost pulled the diapers out again.

I woke up and felt his princess pull up (hey, when you have 5 sisters that's what you get) and he was dry still.  What the what?  Ok, I 4...I can do this.  

We fought the fight tears and all again this morning.  However, HE WENT!  Phew.  We did the potty dance and the high pitched screams and praise praise praise. 

Then, we ventured into the real world, again.  Griffin and I headed to Watertown to take Lanie to school.  Then we made a few stops in the area and headed back to my work.  Potty chair back in tow and a very defeated mamma we headed back to the bathroom.  Sigh.  

I sat with him for 10 minutes playing a game and counting and singing and praying and then I couldn't do it anymore.  I told him I would be right outside the bathroom and I would check on him.  (he had stopped crying at this point)  I ventured 10 steps away and started working.  A few minutes later I casually said, "hey, did you go potty yet?"  and he replied with a quiet, "uh huh."  

"You did?!?!?"  So I rushed over and smelled the most awesome smell ever...POOPS!  He had gone both #1 and #2!  YAHOO!  It was the worst smelling thing ever but it was just so glorious!  I screamed and shouted and praised him and loved on him and did the potty dance and flushed the poops.  We ran to the office to tell the office ladies and get a treat!  

Is there hope?  Was he actually getting it?  

Well, as I am typing this and he is sitting on the potty chair I just asked if he had gone.  That would be a big fat YES!  Poops and potty again!  

There is hope!  

This mommy's still got it!  

I know we are a far ways off from not having to ask every 3 minutes if he has to go potty...but I am gaining a little hope back.  

I feel like I conquered a huge battle today!  Poops in the potty chair is far too exciting!  

There is hope out there people....

There has been a roller coaster of emotions this week for for now I am feeling relief.  At least for 1 hour until we fight the battle again!  

Griffin has had one accident and it was when we were at the dentist for Lanie and Gavin....otherwise he just holds it!

We took the potty chair to basketball practice on Monday.....

Applebees....not fun.  

Our Target trip after the birthday dinner.....

Griff's picked out a blue turtle now goes everywhere with us.  We lost a sword today at the thrift store and had to go back to find it.  

He is exhausted....I am exhausted.

And just cause we are on the topic of poops....I just got up to get something and found dog poops on the floor....super.

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