Monday, February 2, 2015

A Sunday at home...

It is totally amazing to me how much we can accomplish when we are actually at home and focusing on just being at home.  No work, no checking emails, or texting....just being home.  

Now this doesn't happen very often at all.  In fact, if Abbie wouldn't have had a fever for the past two days we probably would have found an excuse to leave or go somewhere.  Instead we got right to getting things done!  I work every Sunday morning until about 1:00 and am usually wanting to come home and just chill for a bit.  I actually had to tell myself several times yesterday that I wasn't going to sit down.  I knew if I sat down I would have a hard time getting back into the "let's get things done mode."  I started off in the kitchen getting that all cleaned up and preparing dinner.  
 Lanie is 4 years old now which means she is getting to be more and more of a helper each day.  She asked me yesterday if she could help in the kitchen.  I asked her if she wanted to help me unload the dishwasher and she shouted with excitement.  She unloaded the dishwasher and put away all the dishes she could reach...and today she has been added to the chore chart!
 As I was preparing lunch yesterday, I also prepared dinner so that would be all set to go.  Homemade Lasagna....that we may have not had until almost 7:30 at night because we were so busy cleaning, but have no fear...the kids ate!  (If you don't know my kids, they act like we never feed them when they are out in is proof they eat once in a while ;)
 So I got super excited when the laundry baskets were all empty...and all the laundry was folded and put away.  That almost never happens.  And then I walked upstairs and saw a full basket of dirty laundry.  I chose to ignore it and act like I didn't see it.  I was in denial.  Somehow this morning I have already run the washer two times...and it's not even noon!
 We complied lots of donate and trash while cleaning rooms.  I have to be in the right mood to throw things away or donate them.  I always think " I could totally sell this on one of those Facebook pages, or we should pack this away for Grandkids."  Yesterday I was in a get rid of mood which is just the right mood for me.  Bags and bags of trash and bags and bags of donate.  I can't wait to get rid of more :)
 This is our last box left in the house that we haven't unpacked.  It is filled with a few pictures that need to be hung and shelves that need to be hung.  I am sure it will sit there for another 6 months, but we are down to the last one!
 The majority of the day was spent in Gavin and Griffin's room.  It wasn't pretty.  I may have been seen throwing every single piece of clothes out of their closet and drawers.  The room was a hot mess.  Toys everywhere, clothes all over the place, garbage shoved everywhere but a garbage can.  Sigh.  I try explaining to all my kids that if they would just keep their rooms clean we wouldn't have to clean them so much.

 Dan installed a light in the boy's closet....think we might need to fix anything else in their closet?  When we bought this house the previous owners had so much stuff shoved in this closet that we couldn't see the falling apart walls.  We have had to focus our attention on other items first, but this is definitely on the "to do" list.  Dan isn't great with drywalling so that keeps getting pushed aside!  He however did install a great closet light and a smoke detector yesterday!
 Their room is cleaned, curtains have been hung, dressers are organized, shelves have been dusted.  I am sure at 3:30 today that will all change.
Ha...I took this picture cause this sign makes me happy...this is an upcoming craft session...and then I saw the yellow jeep in the back.  I hadn't even realized it, but my father in law came and plowed our driveway for us.  So this made me double happy because that means Dan won't have to battle the snow drifts when he comes home!  Thanks, Greg!

In Monday news....Griffin is wearing undies today.  I told him this morning he was putting undies questions asked.  He has gone potty 2 times so far today....on the potty chair!!!!!!!  We are going out in public in a little bit, it's about to get real now!

Abbie is home sick still.  She had a fever yesterday and a sore throat.  I am hoping she heals quickly.

4 kids have dentist appts today.  2 had appts last week and 1 has an appt tomorrow.  Fun times.

We filed our taxes today.  Yahoo!

We have two birthdays this week...Gavin turns 7 and Sadie turns 11.  I will go cry now.

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