Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh, What a two weeks it has been.

Where do I even start?  I feel like I haven't had a chance to breath the past two weeks.  Each moment of every day has been filled and I am finally processing all that has happened.  

First I will start with my Gramps.  We had to say good-bye to him on Thursday.  Not. Easy.  I didn't prepare for the day.  I didn't process that he was really gone.  Life kept on going with the kids and I pushed his death aside.  Until Thursday.  It was a really hard day for me.  I was completely surrounded by people, but yet I felt all alone.  I have never felt that way before.  I heard people talking.  I saw people interacting.  I listened to what people said, I saw people cry I had never seen cry before.  People came I didn't expect to show support and say good-bye.  I sat back and took it all in.  My eyes were opened that day.  Some good, some bad.  I gained respect for many and lost respect for others.  My brother gave an amazing "talk" about my gramps.  He was truly a unremarkably remarkable man.  Gramps didn't care about money or what he had or didn't have...he cared about his family.  And when I say cared, he truly cared.  He didn't pretend to care...he really did.  We were his life.  My cousin's husband read the poem about the "dash."  That it's not the dates that matter on your grave but the the dash in between.  What people remember about your dash.  I wanna have a good dash.  I want to help people. I want to be there for people.  I want my dash to be remembered.  I want to be genuine.  I want to be authentic.  
 The kids handled the day very well.  I was so proud of all of them.

My gramps had a full honor guard at his funeral which was very moving.  We let yellow balloons go and each person got a yellow gramps fav. My brother took this pic of the yellow rose on the train tracks.  My gramps worked on the railroad his whole life after the military.  Such a simple but memorable statement.  That was one of the highlights of my week...seeing my brother, Joe.  He lives in Vegas and we don't get to see him a lot.  I was able to pick him up from the airport.  I sure do miss him.  It was just me and him when my dad left.  Oh how I wished he lived closer.  My kids adore him.  Griffin kept calling him, "that guy."  Joe made it to 3 basketball games for our kids while he was in town.  Thanks for coming, meant a lot to all of us to have you in the stands!

Funerals are hard.  You want to be happy because you know Gramps is in a better place, but you are so sad because life just won't be the same without him. He was my last grandpa.  He was the closest things to a dad I have.  He's gone and I can't wait until he greets me at the gates of Heaven.

 Over the past two weeks we had many many basketball games, dance performances, pep rally's and lot of fun!  Anything my kids are in, I love to be at.  I try to be at as much as I can for them.  I love to see them have fun and be with friends.  I love to see their school come together to support the basketball teams.

 Lanie and Abbie and Kenadie got to be part of a special Frozen dance during half time and at one of the pep rally's.  I made Lani'e costume for her the morning of the pep rally.  Nothing like waiting until the day of.  I may have had to use the blow dryer to dry the fabric paint 10 minutes before we had to leave.

I love that the winter is filled with basketball.  This is Molly's second year playing and Sadie's 1st year.  I help "coach" their school team.  And I use the word "coach" very loosely. Basically I stand there.  And I yell at my kids and try to support all the other girls.  Pretty sure neither one have a basketball future, but they have fun!  One of my most favorite things to see is the way all the girls support each other.  Even though Sads is still learning the game, there are a couple girls on the team that encourage her and help her.

The girls took 1st place in their basketball tourney last weekend which had to be followed with a celebration.  We had all the girls over after the championship game for a sleepover.  I may have seen them drinking soda for breakfast!  Yikes.... whoops.  Since there was no school on Monday I took the girls ice skating.  I had our babysitter watch the younger ones so I could just take the girls.  It was so nice to have that time with them.  They are wild and crazy, but just so darn nice!  

 After skating we headed to PDQ for a treat and snacks and then in to target so I could pick up a few things.  We came back home and did some major cleaning after all the girls left.  At one time, I counted 15 kids in my house alone with me...and I had to make them all lunch.  And....I loved every second of it....until they all left and I had to clean up!  I am so glad that my kids have such great friends!
Speaking up basketball, Gavin and Kenadie play C-team Bball at St. Paul's and they play upward Bball at Crosspoint.  They are crazy cute out there on the court.  Dan helps coach Kenadie's team and they are a bit hardcore out on the court.  You can see girls skipping to girls crying to girls stealing the ball to girls hugging.  It really is fun to watch.  Gavin's team had me laughing so hard this weekend.  If you are looking for great free entertainment on a Saturday I would recommend watching Gavin play.  His team is adorable.

Gavin is all business on the court.  He can be seen stealing the ball and being a ball hog.  He is also really good at pushing other kids out of the way to let the kids on his team score.    The team has boys and girls on it and it is just the cutest thing ever to watch.  Gavin is one of the shortest kids on the team and the best kid on the team at pushing other kids!  Whatever you do, don't correct him cause he will give you a dirty look!
 This blog is going on forever I feel.  Ok, I gotta wrap it up!  Molly and Sadie had a dance competition as well a couple of weeks ago.  They didn't place, but they did so great!  They had a very clean dance routine worked so well together as a team.  We are just so proud of all the girls.  We may not have placed because we didn't get "low" enough, but we danced for Jesus and kept it clean!  So so proud of these kids.

 Ok, enough already.  I addition to sports and activities and work I am preparing and prepping for upcoming Fridays at the Farm.  This past Friday we had our heart wreath session.  I'll blog on that tonight!  (I haven't cleaned up from that yet and I need to conquer that before I can blog about it!)  Someone that attended the class on Friday sent me this picture of their wreath.  LOVE IT!

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