Monday, January 12, 2015

Nail & String Art Sessions! Let the pounding begin!!!!

Phew....what a busy weekend it has been here!  Friday was filled with two craft sessions and a pep rally.  Saturday was filled with a dance competition and  basketball tournaments.  Sunday was filled with work, the Packer game, cleaning, and some more exciting basketball games.  Wowzers.  So that is my poor excuse for not posting about the Nail and String art session sooner!  

 The tables were all prepped and ready to go for our morning session.  We had a little bit of a lighter group in the morning so that helped ease me into the day a bit easier.  We were all able to craft in the same room which was lots of fun and super loud with the hammering!

 The ladies started by cutting out their design template.  Once that was done they taped their design down to their boards and started nailing away.  I did ask them to nail on the ground in hopes to save my tables!
 We had such a fun group of ladies and had lots of laughs!
 After the nails were all pounded in and set to go the ladies picked out their string colors and got to weaving around the nails.  This is, again, my favorite part.  Watching everyone's creativity come to life.  What color will they choose?  Will they do straight lines or zig zag their string? absolute favorite.
 Some designs were a bit more detailed than other designs were, however, the end product was amazing on each board!
 Here is an example of two ways to use your string.  Lynn went with the zig zag approach for her Wisconsin it!
 And Sara went with a straight line approach for her Wisconsin.  Two totally different outcomes but using all of the same materials.  I can't decide which way I would choose to do a WI if I were to make one.  I love them both!
 And then there was the cross design.  Another favorite of mine.  To finish off the sign we used chalk to write the word "FATIH."  (no pressure, Nellie!  You did a great job!)
 I am so happy we went with the nails we did.  I love how the head of the nail really pops on each of the boards.
 Karen that Wisconsin board is going to look great over your bed ;)  You ladies did a great job and thanks for the many laughs!  I hope you skip your massages more and come to more classes!
 And then there was the deer.  This one was a bit tricky but totally worth the hardship I think.  After a little convincing Lorena switched her string from white to teal which I think totally made the sign amazing!  Great job, Lorena!
 In between sessions I headed to a pep rally at my kid's school.  A nice break in between if I do say so!  They are on a dance team at their school and they were using the pep rally to gear up for their big competition the next day.  I get so nervous when my kids perform or play sports, but that's a blog of it's own :)
 After the pep rally the kids came home from school which makes it just a little tricky to prevent them from touching everything I have set up for the night session.  They do a great job of leaving mommy's Fridays at the farm decorations alone.  They actually all get really excited when I have Friday's at the Farm.  Ok, moving on to the night session.
 This session we had more than double of the morning session so we had to spread out a bit more.  I had offered to paint boards for everyone if they wanted their board red, white or brown.  We started the same way as the morning and everyone got to nailing away.  We had a few hiccups with hard wood for a few of the ladies.  After some switching of boards and pulling out a drill we conquered that hard wood!  Thank you closet crafter Creed for ALL your help!  Also, thank you to the ladies that stuck in there with me while we had to get a little creative to help your finish your boards.
 I love the teal and red together!
 Great job, Courtney!  I love the simplicity of your board.  The focus is on the cross...right were it should be!
 These Johnson Creek ladies rocked it!  Look at that purple cross outlined in white!  What the what?!?!  Amazing job you guys!  I loved having you and was so glad you guys came!
 I totally love the colors on these Wisconsin boards.  White with a red heart....Love. It!
 Amanda picked up her board earlier in the week and stained it purple.  I thought about stealing the sign from her because it would match my Valentine decorations so very well...I refrained in hopes she will come back to more sessions!
 And more of the finished boards....I really truly loved everyone single one of them!  So fun!

 Thank you guys for having in there with your boards!  I am hoping your awesome finished boards were worth all the hard work!
 Christi got creative with the word love and set it up a little differently.  She also used two different heights with her nails.  Great job!

Thank you to each of you that were able to attend the class.  I am hoping you are all happy with your boards and have found the perfect place to put them in your homes!  

If you were unable to attend the class because it was full or didn't work in your schedule I am holding a make-up session on January 30th where you can create your own nail and string art or make your very own heart wreath.  You can sign up by going to the schedule of classes link at the top of this blog!  

Our next session will be on January 23rd where we will be creating this heart wreath with fabric flowers.  Be prepared to use your hands and arms to wrap yarn and create flowers!  We still have room in the morning and evening sessions for the heart class!  I will start promoting it a bit later in the week to give my faithful followers time to sign up first :)  The cost for the heart wreath session is $20  

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