Friday, January 30, 2015

Heart Wreath Session, Life, and Crafts!

So I never did get around to posting that blog from last Friday's Heart Wreath Session.  Sorry ladies!  Here are a few pictures from last weeks sessions!  The wreaths are adorable.  I loved every single one!  All different colors and lots of fabric flowers.  Sigh.  The pictures just make me so happy!  
 The session was the day after my grandpa's funeral.  It was nice to have something to distract me and take my mind off of mourning.  After everyone left in the morning I had a few minutes to just sit and "be" for a little bit and do some more thinking about my gramps.  It was nice to take just a few minutes to be alone and silent.  (In my world of complete chaos...I'll take a minute of peace!)

So sometimes I am so crazy unfocused that I may not notice that a friend from high school attended the class until she was leaving!  Ahhhh!  Actually, I thought she was someone else.  It made me think about actually slowing down and perhaps looking right in front of me instead of focusing on a million other things!  Sorry, Emillie!  Please come back so I can reconnect with you some more :)    (Julie, you missed a fun night....we missed you sorta kinda...but Jessie came and she's pretty fun too!)  

Thank you to all who came to the Heart Wreath Sessions!  I hope your wreaths are hanging up and making you smile!  

 I got these beautiful flowers from my work...they are so lovely and they made me so happy.  Totally unexpected and totally made my day a little better!

Ok on to some crafting news....  I made this "M" for a dear friend.  We made this during our first semester of Fridays at the Farm.  Any interested in adding this session from anyone for this semester?   Let me know if you would be interested in making your own Monogram letter and I may add another class!
 Nellie and I did some practicing this week for our Mason Jar Craft session on March 6th.  We decided to use chalkboard paint so you can write/change your saying on your sign!  I hope you all that have signed up will all be ok with that!!!  We used black and white chalkboard paint....they signs turned out SO cute!  If you haven't signed up for that class....go sign up!  The spots are filling up quickly for it!  Like go do it now :)
 I made this sign this week as well as a demo for a class I am holding at our women's retreat!  If your looking for a nice relaxing weekend let me know and I'll hook you up with you can come craft with me and make this sign!

In other news...Tank got a hair cut yesterday.  It was long overdue.  He looks so small now!  Sorry, Tank...we will try to get you to the groomers more often.  ( case you don't know...Tank is our new puppy....the cute little boy is Griffin....who is still NOT potty trained.)  And I am not bitter about it at all either ;)

 Our next session is on Friday the 6th and we are making these felt letters into a banner.   I have to finish the banner part yet, but I wanted to show you how cute they are!  You could do any word like LOVE, or HOPE, or a name....Just in case you wanted to sign up!
 So I was standing at my counter this morning in a frazzle cause my house was a mess and the kids forgot their homework at home and I didn't feel ready for my make up session today and then I stopped.  It was like God just needed to remind me to stop and breath.  Look at this amazing view...bright windows, fabulous decorations ;-), and the sun shining in.  (and a kitty sitting on the stove.)  I stood for just a couple of minutes reflecting on how God has totally blessed the socks off of us this year.  This house has so much work that needs to done, but God has been so faithful and blessed us with this amazing old house that I am totally in love with.  Really truly we have been blessed.  It was a much needed reminder this morning that God has been faithful and will continue to be faithful through the ups and downs.

 This morning I held a Make-up session for anyone that couldn't make the past two sessions.  We had a fun group of ladies this morning that made awesome wreaths and string art!  It was nice to see some old faces and meet new friends.  I was so glad to see Gina and see her smiling and pain free!  Thank you ladies for coming and crafting...and listening to the Wiggles.  What more could you ask for, right?

I am off to do some cleaning and prep and then we are going to the airport to meet a sweet little boy that is coming home to be with his new family from China!  Yahoo!

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