Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting Skinny Update!

I know you all have hardly been able to function this week wondering if I am skinny yet.  Just waiting for me to post a blog about how great I am doing on my gradual transformation.  Wondering if I was able to pull out my 3 tubs of skinny clothes so I will wear something other than black yoga pants and sweatshirts.  I know... Well, have no fear, I have answers for you!  

So here's the deal.  I have surprised myself so far this week.  I think posting a blog about being skinny has really made me think twice before I put anything in my mouth.  Cause I know I will see many of you and if I don't start to at least look like I am trying then you can call me out.  It's only Thursday so I am not gonna get all pumped about the number on the scale...oh wait...our scale isn't working so never mind.  Ha!  Yes, I went to weigh myself on Monday so I could get a starting weight and it wouldn't turn on.  I am assuming the battery just needs to be changed but that hasn't happened yet.  I have a general idea of my weight so no fear...hoping the number can only go down for now!  Ok sorry for the sidetracked thoughts...back to getting skinny.  I have mainly focused on my eating for the past 4 days.  Making WAY better choices of what I put in my mouth and drinking lots of water.  I have packed myself lunches and dinners if we were going to be out and about.  I made hot dogs for the kids last night for dinner and chose to make myself a turkey sandwich instead.  I have consumed lots of fruits and veggies as well.  ( I even ate a banana...they have grossed me out forever...but I ate one and it was actually kind yummy until I got to the squishy bottom...ewe.)  I am eating something for breakfast which I usually never do.  I am trying to really think about food choices.  I am going to start with that.  I received many messages about different food plans and/or supplements to help me on my gradual transformation as well.  I am not going to dismiss them because I am really actually very interested in them all, but I need to start with something free for now.  In all reality, most of it is in my head.  When I feel stressed I tend to go for something sweet thinking that will make me at least feel better.  I have trained my brain to think that.  I need to retrain my brain cause the good Lord knows this momma is stressed almost always! (hence the weight problem!) 

I only have gotten on the treadmill once.  And I am totally okay with that.  If I had a time in the past 4 days when I was sitting and doing nothing and I could have been on the treadmill then I would be feeling badly.  However, that hasn't been the case.  I have had something to do every single second for the past 4 days.  I have tried to be more active, though.  I ran with Molly and Sadie's bb team on Monday night because they all missed their free-throws.  (we gotta make those shots ladies!)  I am just being more aware of time and activity.  A good friend gave us some guest passes to the Y so I am hoping to brave the cold tonight and go with Dan to walk on the track.  

That is basically the update I have for you.  Nothing fancy, no diet pills, not hours at the gym.  I was blown away by all the comments I got on Facebook about my last post.  I really wasn't expecting that at all.  So many old friends from High School commented and that really meant a lot to me.  Also, one woman wrote that she had always thought I was one of the most beautiful women she knew.  Um, excuse me?  That was a really hard compliment to read, but it really made me feel beautiful.  You all know what I mean, right?  We all have women that we know that kinda want to make you vomit.  They are just so cute and pretty and have it all together and make you feel like a small pea.  I know many women, all of whom I love dearly, that kinda make me wanna vomit cause they are so stinkin' cute.  I wanna be that cute.  One day at a time.  Day #4 of trying here at the Wilke Farm.  

Total side track here now:  I was looking through more old pictures and I came across these from when I was pregnant with Lanie.  The girls had just all gotten their hair cut and we headed to Ebert's to take some pics.  Where has the time gone?  I almost get sick looking at these.  I want those moments back.    I am SO glad we have these pictures to look back on, but they make me sad to see how fast time is flying by.  

Gavin ran the house back then and he still gives us that look now.  He just shares the house with a brother now who also gives us that same look!  
 Look at Kenadie.  Sigh....
 Molly clearly didn't want to through her hands up and have fun....funny, we are getting that look almost daily from her now as a 12 year old!
 And one more.  Really makes me want to squeeze each of the kids when they come home from school today.  I want to push the "stop growing button."  (we used to tell them that is what their belly button was)  I think I will push all of their belly buttons today.  They won't think that is weird or anything will they?

And I am smelling poops.  So either Griffin needs a fresh diaper or there has been a puppy accident..again.  I will cherish every single diaper change on Griffin cause they really do grow up way too fast!

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