Monday, September 29, 2014

It's been a rough week

No pictures, No smiling kids, No fancy crafts...just me and my thoughts.

Peace Be Still....and know that I am God

The last week has been a really hard week for me.  Like one of the hardest weeks I have had in a really long time.  I cried more this past week then I have in a really long time.  I try to hold my emotions in and be "on" most of the time, but this past week I couldn't do it.  I broke down on the phone multiple times with people and had to step away from a conversation with a random stranger in my house because I couldn't handle what he was telling me.

Peace Be Still....and know that I am God

Without going into details, Dan and I received some bad news this past week.  Something to do with our new to us yet very old farm house we just purchased.  I feel dumb.  I feel stupid.  I feel taken advantage of.  I feel lied to.  I feel angry.  I feel hurt.  I feel used.  I feel confused.  I feel scared.  I feel lost.  Did I say I feel angry?  I know being angry isn't healthy.  I know being angry is my flesh.  We took all the right steps when we purchased the house.  We hired people to look at things we knew nothing about.  We hired the wrong people.  That is what is hard for me.  If we would have hired someone else I wouldn't be writing this blog right now.

Peace Be Still....and know that I am God

I know God has a plan.  He always does.  I know He wanted us in this house...that was clear as miracle after miracle happened and prayer after prayer was answered.  Being still and trusting in God's plan has been the hardest.

Peace Be Still...and know that I am God

I hate, hate, hate confrontation.  If you know me, you know I avoid it at all cost.  The thought of it makes me sweat.  I had to make a phone call this week and could hardly breath.  The guy probably thought I was a nut job.  I had prayed for calmness the whole day knowing the conversation was going to happen.  As soon as the phone rang, I lost my breath and panicked.   I even wrote out everything I wanted to say.  He called during the middle of dinner prep and I had nothing.  Nothing I wanted to say I said.  I keep revisiting that phone call in my head.  What if I had said this....surely he would have offered to help.  What if I would have threatened this....surely that would have helped.

Peace Be Still...and know that I am God.

It's super hard to figure out what God is doing here right now.  We have to do something to fix the problem or we won't have heat.  What we need to do isn't "fixable" simply just needs to be replaced.

Peace Be Still...and know that I am God.

What is going to happen?  Where will we find/get/borrow the money from?  Should we keep fighting for justice or let it go?  Should I get another job?  Should Dan get another job?  Should we sell the new house we fell in love with?  Should we run away from it all and crawl in a hole and cry?

Peace Be Still...and know that I am God.

I am not asking for pity...I am not asking for help....I just need you to pray that we can have Peace..and Be Still.... and when I forget, remember that God is God.  He's got this.

Fridays at the Farm: Session #2 Monogram wrapped letters

For session 2 of Fridays at the Farm, Nellie and I picked out what we thought would be an "easy" craft.  Ha.  Not so much!  

We have 20 ladies slotted to come both in the morning and the evening.  The tables were set with each letter that was chosen along with the jute (twine).  The hot glue guns were plugged in and ready to be used!  It was a beautiful day.

 I happened upon this teal shutter at Joann Fabrics this past week and knew right away it would be perfect to hold the name tags and payment bucket....and it was!  It wasn't on sale, but have no fear, I googled a coupon and found a 50% off one!  Score :)
 I really need to paint that green shutter.  Yuck.
 So that morning session began promptly at 9:00!  With a little instruction from myself and Nellie the ladies were on their way!   We tried to keep the same letters by each other so they could trouble shoot together.  Let's just say the letter "B's" had to do a lot of trouble shooting and processing!
 This craft was a bit more intense.  The pallet sign didn't require as much thinking and concentration. It also required a bit more twine then anticipated!
 The letter "M" and "W's" got to work together and they were a bit tricky as well.
 Griffin and Fin didn't want to participate in the childcare option :)  Sitting and playing the iPad with the ladies seemed a bit more entertaining to them and since they do receive "special" treatment from the ladies running Fridays, they were able to escape the childcare barriers!
 We have two great girls that come and watch the kids while their mommy crafts.  They kids are doing very well and you wouldn't even know they are here!
 I had wanted to get a picture of all the ladies and their letters, but since everyone finished at different times that just wasn't doable.  I LOVE how unique and different the letters all turned out.  Many of the ladies even got a bit creative with their felt flower making.
 After session one ended, clean up began and prep for the evening session began.  There was a bit of panicking going on as we had almost used all the twine for the morning session and couldn't find any more.  Thankfully, we found 10 rolls at Ben Franklin and were able to save the night session!
 The ladies got right to work again.
 The letter "L" ladies finished pretty quickly.  Lucky Ladies :)
 The "C's" and "G's" and "S's" were curvy and challenging as well!  We had 6 letter "S's" during the evening session!

 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  Great job ladies!
 Ms. Williams has a new decoration for her classroom :)

 Lynn is our "closet crafter."  She hates doing crafts, however, closet crafter Creed did an amazing job on her "C".  Her corners were perfect on that "C"
Mother/ Daughter crafting happens here too!

Thanks to each of you that came to session 2!  We truly had a blast!  What a blessing it is to be able to open my home up to all of you!  If you came and don't see a picture of you, it's because 3/4 of my pictures came out blurry...again.   The camera is going in today.  I am sure it is user error, but we are going to go with that after I find out it's not the camera!

Nellie and I have also changed the craft for Friday Nov 7th....we are going to be creating Give Thanks/Merry Christmas Blocks.  We will post a pic of something similar soon!  We are going to add the bow garland on with the pom pom garland craft and try and tie the clipboards in during a different session.

*** Stay tuned as we tweak a few things for Fridays!***  I will be sure to keep you all posted!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Pictures. Well, an attempt at least.

Remember when I said we have no idea how to use our camera?  Well, here is all the proof you need. From blurry kids to wrong lighting to our F stop being too high or too low and the ISO not set where it needs to be....we are a hot hot hot camera mess.

Sunday night it was gorgeous out so I asked the kids to get dressed for a picture.  They moaned and groaned which led me to yell and throw my hands up and say "forget it, it's ok, I'll just clean up after you all night instead."  Uh huh.  Good times.

Then I cooled down and tried it again.  By this time the kids were scared totally on board with taking pictures so the, of course, got dressed with such happy hearts ;)

These are their Easter outfits.  I have been wanting to take their picture in them since Easter.  Hence the dresses are now WAY too short on a few of the girls.  

So, here you go.  Bad lighting, blurry faces, and one little boy who keeps us on our toes.  We tried twice.  We may have bribed them with birthday cake.  (yes, Dan's birthday was over a week ago and I just made him his birthday cake on Sunday).  By the second round of pictures it was too cold and Griffin had consumed too much sugar.  


We need help.  We need camera help.  We need a professional photographer.  We need something.  Please, someone, help us!  For now these will have to do.  In looking at these I am reminded how incredibly blessed we are.  I needed to be reminded of that today.  Thank you, God, for reminding me at just the right time.

From our crazy home we hope you have been entertained!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Fun and Friday's prep~!

Well it's been quite the weekend here at the Wilke Farm house!  We are in full swing of prepping things for the upcoming months.  We had some bad news this week and I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of the bad and stay focused on the GOOD God is doing in our lives.  Sometimes that can be so hard.  My all time favorite Bible verse is: Cast your cares on Him for HE cares for you.  I have been doing a lot of "casting" this week that's for sure.
 Anyways, we took our Saturday to get some prep work done for some upcoming Fridays at the Farm.  When Nellie and I picked the crafts I am not sure we gave much thought about how much prep would need to go into each Friday!  Whoops :)  That is ok, though, because we are coming together as a family to get a head start!  Ok, first of all, check out this wooden cow I got at St. Vinney's yesterday!  I know it's gaudy and a bit weird, but someone is having a cow party in December and this will make a perfect decoration!  That is part of the reason I pick themes so early...I can start keeping an eye out for these kind of things!  It is amazing how many ladybug things I have seen over the past week, AFTER Lanie's party!  Grrrrrr!  Walmart has a whole party section of Ladybug plates and napkins and decor.   They must have seen how awesome my party was and added a section to their store ;)  Cause I am sure Walmart reads my blog.

So while 4 of the 7 children were at a playdate yesterday, Molly and I were able to do a bit of fall decorating on the front porch.  Ever since Dan and I have been married I have told him how much I have wanted a wrap around porch.  I never expected to get one and now that I have one I just love it!  It's old and crumbly and a bit crooked, but it's ours and I love it!  Molly was a great helper with picking out a few pumpkins.  It was actually really really nice.  Having so many children doesn't offer much one on one time.  I really loved my time with Molls yesterday.  It makes me sad that I don't get one on one time with all the kids more often.

 One of the upcoming crafts is Thankful Jars along with a Thankful tree.  I "tested" out the paint we would be using to paint the mason jars with and was quite happy.  I also purchased some fake fallish flowers to put in the jars.  Nellie is designing cute paper to wrap around our jars so my sample is not quite complete yet.  We will also be creating a thankful tree which requires a lot of branches and sticks.  My initial thought was to have you guys each bring your own, but since we have plenty of branches and sticks around our property we took a couple of hours to collect sticks and branches! Gavin and Griffin drove around while Molly and I picked up sticks.  I think we have enough sticks now to fill your thankful tree jar!
 And TAAADAAA!!! More pallet board signs have been made for our Christmas pallet craft!  YIPPEEE!    My nephew Christian came over and between him and Dan, they rocked out more signs!  We had a super great friend deliver over 40 pallets to us the other day so we got right to work.  (and again, I know you all know I mean Dan when I say "we").  Nellie and I have some great ideas for phrases for the Christmas pallet craft and maybe even a few shapes! (Oh holy night with a star of David sign...can't you just see it now?!?!?)

There are a few spots left in both of the sessions I have talked about.  The sign up can be found at the top of the blog under the sign up button!

ALSO:  I have started to stock my ETSY store.  Please check it out and if you want to purchase something, you have the option of picking it up at my house so you don't need to pay for shipping!  Hoping to add more things this week.  Check out my Etsy store HERE

Ok, off to try and take some pics of the kids.  Don't hold your breath for a post on them, Griffin didn't nap today.