Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 1 Pallet Craft Update !

Ok, so remember when I wrote that we are not professionals?  I just want you to all keep that in mind!  I am really good at giving things "character" though!  
So Nellie and I decided that we need to practice the craft we would be teaching you all on Fridays at the Farm so we both made pallet signs.  We tired some different techniques and have finalized a plan.  We found that these signs take a bit longer than what we originally thought.  So we had to tweak things so you guys would be able to leave with a finished product.  Our ultimate goal is to have everyone that comes be able to finish their craft so they don't go home unfinished.  I know we had asked you guys to get us phrases you wanted for your pallet signs, but we are going to have to switch that up a little bit if we want you to leave with a finished pallet board.  The two signs you see are the ones Nellie and I created.  Mine, of course, being the birthdate one and Nellie's the one with the anchor.  Both of these signs took us about 4 hours to complete.  (we may or may not have had to take care of children simultaniously  as well which probably didn't help our time average) So in order to have you leave with a fininshed board, Nellie has designed some super cute much short phrases for us to use on our pallet boards.  You will be able to pick your phrase and your paint color to customize the board how you would like.  There is no wrong way to make your sign.  I have included a picture of some of the designs Nellie has created that will be options for you on Friday, September 12th.  I think she has added a few other options as well.  I will be sure to have enough here for you all to pick from.  You can cut and lay out your board however you would like.  
 If you would want the personalized last name options, you will need to let me know that ahead of time.  You can comment on Facebook, comment on this blog post, or email me at :  I am sorry for any confusion!  We simply can't wait!  2 more weeks and you guys will be making pallet boards.  If there is anyone out there that wasn't able to get in because the slots were filled, send me an email....we can squeeze a few more in if you would like!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keeping it all together

Good morning to you all.  Actually, I didn't really want to put the "good" part in front of my morning.  I am staying up way to late and getting up way to early and I am so tired!  I should have started putting myself to bed earlier when I started doing that with the kids to get back into the school routine.  However, I am stubborn needing to unwind at night and when when Dan tells me to go to bed I don't listen....and the next morning I am mad for not listening to him.  So it is only 8:30 in the morning and I am ready for a nap.  I am really re-thinking this "not drinking coffee" thing.  I just have never liked the bitter taste of it or really the smell of it, but I think some of you with way more energy than me might have figured something out by drinking coffee!  
Ok so enough about my tired state, I wanted to share with you guys a little bit about how I stay organized.  So very many people always as me "how do you do it all?" or "how do you stay organized with 7 kids?"  So I wanted to show you guys some of my "lifesavers"
First of all, I just want to put this out there...I always always always shop with a coupon or a discount.  I HATE paying full price for anything.  In fact, I almost never will pay full price.  I will either wait until it goes on sale, google for a coupon, ask the store if they have any extra coupons, or put the item/s back.  Dan puts up loves this about me ;)  Right, Dan?  There have been many many times when we are shopping for over an hour at a store and I have my items all picked out and then I either can't find my coupon or the store doesn't have any and I will leave all my items and not get them.  It is just the way I function.  I also despise having to pay for shipping.  Like a lot.  So, I will wait for free shipping deals or google for a free shipping code.  Or I will call the company I am ordering from and ask for free shipping.  Oh, yes I will.  You would be surprised at what discounts you can get if you just ask.  I think the most important thing I have learned that everything always goes on sale.  I just have to be patient for the sales.  In fact, I did some shopping a little over a month ago with two of my co-workers (and friends of course) and they wanted to buy 3 of these neon ball things for $9.99 for our store at church.  We had a coupon for one and then I checked out separately to use a coupon for the 2nd one.  However, we didn't have a coupon for the 3rd one and it is still bugging me to this day! ( Brie and Danielle, we could have gotten that half off some how! )  Okay, rant over....I just wanted you all to know that I am hard core super cheap.  Do we have nice things?  Yes, we do, but they are NEVER paid for full price!  Okay, moving on. 

Alright, so I use one particular webiste lady for keeping my life organized.  Her name is Erin Conderen and she started this company which has just totally taken off!  I have used her life planner for 4 years now and I take it with me everywhere.  Everything is written in that book.  On the full month view in the planner I have our bills written down on the days they are due.  On the week view pages I have everything else.  Kids actives, school reminders, work reminders/meetings, birthdays and so on.  There is room for meal planning and other things, but I am not that organized :)  Then on Sundays, I take and open my life planner up and transfer all of the actives/appointments/reminders for that week and transfer it on to my "Oh! What a week" sheet.  This goes on the side of the fridge so the kids can see what we have or what they have to get ready for.  Ideally I could put my meals on that as well...ha,  maybe next week.  This week is pretty light because school just started, but normally the days are filled!  Those two tools help me stay organized with our schedule.  I didn't have a life planner for a couple of months over the summer and I hated every day of it.  When you find something that works stick with it!  I know this won't work for everyone, but it totally rocks my world here at the farm!  

This week we also started back up with our chore chart.  The kids are pumped...I am being serious here.  They have been asking when we are going to start this up again.  Since we moved in the house Dan and I have been mainly maintaining the household, but it's time for them to help out again so the chore chart has been hung on the wall and filled in!  This is from Erin Condren as well.  You can visit her website if you want more details and to watch a video on the different ways you can use her tools.  Oh, and just so you all know, I am just a super fan of hers....she has no idea who I am and is not paying me at all to say any of these things!  Ok, back to the chart.  I write the chores down and then fill in who has to do them each day.  They are responsible for doing the chore and filling in the circle when it is done.  At the top on the ring are the kid's reward card.  For every day that they have their chore done, they get a punch on the bottom of their reward card.  When the 10 punches are completed, they get the reward written on their card.  When I talk reward here I am talking a small reward.  They can pick something small.  Ideas were: a pack of gum, a candy bar, and extra snack one day, a playdate... etc.  Nothing fancy, nothing big.  Just something out of the ordinary that I would usually say no to.  3 kids picked a playdate, one picked a pad of paper to draw on and one picked a bottle of orange paint.  I know, my kids are so deprived, paint and paper, right?  I did offer $2 for the reward card if it was filled out as well, but the kids would rather have friends over which is totally fine with me!  (oh and side note....there is a place for meal planning on this as well...which is totally blank for our family...again.) 

 I was also having trouble keeping the kids school papers all together.  They each have a spelling list and memory lists and class lists, and on and on.  So I looked and looked and found a lady on etsy that made this spiral bound pocket folder.  It has 8 pocket folders so I have one folder for each kid.  In the front of the pocket I put  all of their school papers and in the backside of the folder  I put their activity papers.  (game schedules, sport calendars...)  The kids know if they forgot their spelling list at school or memory sheet that I have an extra copy in there for them.  It really has worked out well for our family.

So that is "how the Wilke's" do it!  Do I forget things?  You bet I do!  Are we on time for everything?  That would be a big fat NOPE.  It sure does look pretty on paper, though!  

Ok and now a few random things.  Something everyone should know.  DON"T TAKE A SELFIE AND PUT IT ON CANVAS!  There, I said have all been warned!  Dan and I were able to take a vacation work trip to California in March or April, I can't remember which month now.  Anyways, Dan attended a training out there and I went along.  He spent his days in classes while I explored California. Long story short, we took a selfie on the beach at sunset one night and it looked really good on my small phone screen so I thought it would be sweet to put it on canvas.  Yeah, not so good.  Now I have this 16x20 canvas with our faces looking HUGE.... I mean Dan looks good, no doubt about that, but my head looks ginormous!  From now on, the canvases are for the kid pictures only.  

Another random side note...the bathroom is almost done.  Dan says it is WAY to girly for I am going to pull in a little more light blue and a darker green, but I really really love it.  I am SO happy with the way it turned out! Just a few minor touch ups with the paint and some cleaning and it will be good to go!

Oh I almost forgot, this is how we keep the children's coats and backpacks organized.  Dan bought a super long board from Home Depot, we painted it, slapped their handprints on it, put some hooks on it and hung it on the wall.  I had grand plans of writing a Bible verse on it and "cutesying" it all up, but that didn't happen.  We eventually want to remodel our mud room which I think is next on the list for Dan (hey, he suggested it) so I am super excited to rid our live of the ugly tan smelly paneling walls in that area.  Not to mention the super smelly carpet.  But, for now, this is hanging on the paneling and keeping life just a little less messy.

And for something of our 10 cats we have at the farm right now.  Free to a good home...come one, you know you want one.  Or two.  Seriously, if you want one, let me know.  Best part...they are free.  And you all know how I love a good deal!  This is your chance to get an amazing deal

Here is a link to Erin Condren's website...if you buy something through me, I get a $10 credit!  Boom!  More to put towards giveaways at the farm!  :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Heading to School

Before I post about back to school...have you ever had Gelato?  A very "super" friend of mine met me for Gelato last night for a late night chat.  Strawberry and Lemon flavored are what we both picked.  The combination of them together was delicious.  Thank Michelle for the late night giggles!  

 So like most of you, school starts soon.  Our fist day back was today.  It is always a bittersweet day for me.  I will miss them dearly, but for today I am going to enjoy just a little bit of peace and quiet and just a bit less chaos.  I will, however, be cleaning, remaking beds, laundry, and reorganizing the craft room instead.  We woke up at 6:00 to get a head start...and we still showed up last minute at school!  My mom took the kids back to school shopping a few weeks ago and let them each pick out an outfit.  Notice how the 4 oldest picked similar/same dresses?  Make this mommy smile :)
 Our sweet little "pippy squeak" is starting 6th grade today.  I can't even handle thinking about that right now so I am not going to say anything else about that.  Molly was super excited to go back and full of giggles.  She was the first one in the van waiting to go so we wouldn't be late.  She has a new teacher this year and is pretty excited to be back at school.
 Sadie Grace is heading into 5th grade.  (sigh)  She LOVES loves loves school.  She has amazing friends and is super smart so she couldn't wait to go back.
Abbie is starting 4th grade.  She is my bookworm and loves to read.  I think she was a bit nervous because she was moving up to the "middle school wing" and one of her really good friends is being homeschooled this year.               
Our Kenadie is going into 2nd grade.  Praying she can keep track of her homework this year and focus on staying organized.  Our free spirited Kenadie is mostly in her own world and has a bit of trouble keep on track!       

  G-Dog started 1st grade!  I am looking forward to what this year brings for him.  He sat and read me a book last night and I was blown away!  

This is one of my favorite pics from this morning.  Two always serious, one never wanting his picture taken!  

These two are sure gonna miss their big sisters and brother today.  They have already asked when the sisters are coming home.  They helped pack their lunches this morning and then had to eat them by 7:50 this morning.  They couldn't understand the part of saving what's in the lunch box for lunch!  

We had done some major praying about homeschooling the kids this year a few months ago.  Today I am wishing we would have gone that route cause it is always so hard to say goodbye to my kids...but we will press on.  It wasn't the right timing for us this year, but who knows what God has in store in the future.  For right now, I know they are safe, with teachers that will love and care about them, and give them some individual time with their friends and space from their siblings.  

So happy first day of school (or soon to be first day of school) to all of you!  Whether you homeschool or send your kids to school-have a great school year!  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sneaksy Peaksy...

I wanted to give you guys just a little "Sneaksy Peaksy" of what's been happening at the  farm....hence the lack of blog posts.  Phew, it has been quite the week here and Nellie and I are getting super excited!  Craft supplies are being purchased, decorating is being done, sessions are being planned out, and we simply can't wait to get to know you guys!  

 We had pallet making night on Wednesday which was actually pretty eventful.  We spent WAY too much money on 4 large pizzas from a local pizza store...Next time we are eating at the Cheesecake Factory Nellie ;)  Anyways, Nellie and her super sweet husband and kids came over for pallet making fun.  Power tools were used and beer was consumed which kept the men in good spirits.  Actually, I think they enjoyed themselves...or maybe not.
 Dan cut the boards on his "workbench" and Matthew was in charge of assembling the pallet board signs on his "workbench".  Only the best working conditions for our husbands here at the farm of course!  Now I know you guys are all feeling bad for our husbands and think we make them work too hard, but one of the husbands may have gotten a new battery powered nail gun out of this...and the other husband is wishing he would have gotten a new battery powered nail gun out of the deal.  (maybe for your birthday, Dan!)
 They guys were able to finish a little over half of the pallet signs for the first Friday.  It's a shame that Nellie and her family will have to come over again ;)  Dan and I are secretly losers and only have a few friends so we are trying to convince Nellie and Matthew to like us!  Pretty sure expensive pizza doesn't win many people over.
 While the men were outside sign making away, Nellie and I were testing the best way to make pallet signs inside.  We definitely learned A LOT from our trial signs and please watch for an update on week  1's pallet sign.  Don't worry, we are still going to be making them, but we have to do some tweaking so you guys will be able to leave with a finished product.  I will post about that a bit later tonight or tomorrow.  My sign is FAR from done....I am hoping to finish it this week when the kids head back to school.

Nellie rocked her pallet sign.  Of course she did, cause she's awesome.  She wasn't able to finish her sign and took it home with her to finish.  She showed me the finished product that other night and it is so professional looking.  She really did a great job! (Please don't mind the mess behind her...that is what happens when the moms are crafting and the children and unattended  playing. I was at TJ Max today and saw this adorable wrapping paper at the check out line....Sign up for Nellie's gift wrapping class cause you will be wrapping a box in this adorable paper you guys!

 My dining room has officially been set up and transformed for the first week of Fridays.  I don't want to show you everything because I want you guys to be surprised when you get here, but here are a few pics of what I have been up to.
 The cute designs are from Nellie.  I was able to sew her paper graphic design banner she made to some adorable.
The bathroom is almost complete.  We ran to home depot early this morning and got the rest of the finishing touches to complete the bathroom.  I am so excited to show you guys it!  Hopefully you all like the shower curtain...there are mixed feelings on the curtain!
Look at the character this pallet board sign has!  I can see something yellow or white painted on it.  Sigh, this makes me happy! 

And for those of you who think I "have it all together", I just wanted to show you that I don't.  This is my craft room.  Complete with a random vanity and sink that I need to post to sell, boxes of Friday supplies, and all my craft tools I have been using this past week which I didn't put away but instead just piled in the room.  It will get cleaned up this week or maybe not.

So that  is what has been happening this week at the farm!  Well, some of what has been happening.  We had teacher visits, playdates, a trip to the pool, lots of working for both of us, and Dan installed a zip line.  Just another week here on the farm!  So blessed !

*Check back for Week 1 update soon! *

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthdays and pallets and supplies, oh my!

 So to say things at the farm have been quiet and uneventful would be a total lie.  Things here have been C.R.A.Z.Y!  Crazy good, but still crazy.  My sweet little Lanie will be turing 4 in less than a month and because I love feeling totally overwhelmed,  I decided to have her birthday party the day after the first Fridays at the farm.  This means I am a prepping and planning mess.  I have also been given a new position at work which has me overseeing a new area of the children's yeah, life is full and busy at the farm!  I have to be totally honest.  Lanie's birthday party is happening a year later than planned.  She was supposed to have her lady bug party last year, but I never made the invitations so we never had the party :(  However, the tiny ladybug box invitations have been made!  I had Nellie design me a tiny invitation to put inside the bug box that I painted red and black.  Then I attached the magnify glass to the top of the invite.  The wording is pretty small on the invite so the idea was to have to use the magnify glass to read the invite.  I found little tiny lady bugs on oriental trading's website which worked perfectly!  Lanie loves her invitations and we are ready to start planning the rest of the party!  Where did the past 4 years go ?  Sigh...

In addition to party planning, Nellie and her awesome hubby dropped off a load of pallets today for our first Fridays at the farm craft.  Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us this next week.  We need to disassemble the pallets and create the pallet board plaques that will be decorated.  I believe I have a few friends coming over to help this week with this so maybe it will be fun ;)
I also ordered all the letters for our monogram friday as well.  38 letters arrived and I have to pick up a few more at the store.  I am going to practice wrapping a few of them so I can give tips and pointers.  I am super super excited for both of these craft projects!

There is still room to sign up for the monogram craft at the night session I believe so if you haven't signed up...go do it!
***The sign up we are using is called Jooners.  If you get an email from them, it IS NOT is from me!  I sent an email out about pallet signs a number of days ago and have only heard from a few of you.  The deadline is TONIGHT if you want your pallet to say something different then what we have pre made for you guys!  Nellie and I are meeting this week and she needs time to work on them.  Please please get me what you want your pallet to say if you want something specifically made for you.  Check your email or your junk mail for the email about the pallet signs if you haven't done so already, that gives all the details!***

I think that's all from the farm for to organize and cut pallets!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Big News on the Farm!

I got the very best surprise last night from a sweet sweet friend!  Christi volunteers for me every other week in our church's nursery and is signed up to come to Fridays at the Farm.  She must really want you guys to all have coffee because she gave us a Keurig as a housewarming gift!  Do you know what that means?  All you coffee drinkers will be able to have coffee now.  So if awesome crafts and new friendships weren't enough for you and were hesitant because there wouldn't be coffee...Have NO fear!  Thank you Christi for blessing us and everyone who will be attending Fridays at the Farm!  (I will be getting hot chocolate K-cups for sure for myself! )

There are still many openings!  See you all very very soon!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just in case you wanted to know...

 So the first week of Fridays at the farm has been fully booked.  Wow and Wow!  Nellie and I were so nervous and we thought maybe no one would want to do this.  We are just so excited about this adventure with you all.

As I was looking over the names of people that have signed up, I realized that I don't know many of you guys...which is totally awesome cause I am really looking forward to meeting new ladies and making new friends.  Then I got to thinking, maybe I should share a little bit with you all about who I am so you don't have to panic about coming to my farm!  Just so you all know...we are far from "normal."  We in fact do have seven children.

 Dan (my very good looking husband) and I met in high school when I was junior and he was a sophomore.  I thought he was cute and asked him for a mountain dew and the rest is history.  We dated for 4 years and then said our vows in front of God and our families that we would love each other till the end....and so far, so good!  We always knew we wanted to have kids, we always said we wanted 6 kids and all girls.  Molly is our oldest and she will be 12 in a month...gulp.  Sadie is next in the line and she is 10 and our red head.  Abbie is our 3rd child and got no genes from me at all.  She is 100% her daddy.  Kenadie is our 4th girl and such an easy kid.  After we had her we gave up any and all hope of having a boy.  Then came number 5 and God blessed us with a boy!  Gavin is 6 years old and all boy.  Then we thought we were done.  Thank God He had more in store for us.  Lanie Rae is #6 and has us wrapped around her chuncka munka fingers! When Lanie was 6 months old we found out we were expecting #7.  To say we were a bit shocked would be an understatement.  The past 12 years have kinda been a blur to be honest.  Sometimes I try to remember what life was like when Kenadie was a baby and I can't.
 However, I do know that we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams!  We are so in love with our crazy family and just take it one day at a time.  Most of our pictures involve Griffin screaming.  You would think by our 7th we would have this parenting thing "down."  Well, Griffin has proved to be our most "exquisite" child ;)  He will be 3 in December and each day he grows up a little more and life gets a little easier.

We try to have a balance of life, church, school and activities which proves to be quite the balancing act for sure.  Abbie take ballet with the Milwaukee Ballet school and was in the Nutcracker last year!  I was sure one proud mama!  Lanie loves to dance as well and loves to be on any stage doing anything!  Sadie plays soccer and Gavin will be starting soccer this fall as well.  The kids can each pick one extra curricular activity to do.  Molly's activity right now is enjoying her very own room for the first time since she was a baby.   

 We try to take the kids to as many free and fun places that we can.  We don't have it all together and most of the times someone is crying or has some sort of attitude.  However, those are my favorite times.  Simply being a family together with all our quirks.
We are not sure
what God has in store for us yet.  We have been praying about foster care or adoption.  We would certainly be open to more children if that is what God has planned for us.  As for right now, we are loving the new farmhouse and loving life! 

Thank you all for turing my dream into a reality.   I am really looking forward to Fridays with you all!  If you haven't signed up, we still have plenty of room!  Nellie and I will be practicing our pallet signs and wrapped letters within the week so watch for updates on that! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gettin' a new Bathroom :)

So who knew all I needed to do was post about my hubby possibly not getting the bathroom done before Fridays at the Farm starts....and BAM...bathroom remodel has begun!

Have no fear ladies....there will be a fresh clean bathroom for Fridays at the Farm so go ahead and cast your bathroom fears aside and sign up!

It's Sign Up Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Ok ladies, it's time to sign up for Fridays at the Farm!  Just a few reminders:

* Please sign up ONLY for the days you know for sure you will be able to make it.  Space is limited and there are many ladies wanting to sign up...taking a space and not showing up will automatically have you removed from any other dates you have signed up for.  ( I know it sounds so harsh..yikes...but we just can't have 15 people sign up and only 8 show up when others could have taken those spots!)  If you sign up for a session and something changes/comes up, please let Susan know ASAP so we can fill in your spot.  

* If the session fills up before you can sign up...please email Susan: or send me a Facebook message with the session/s you were wanting to do ...There could be a possibility of offering the session on the next Friday or if someone cancels we can fill you in.

*We are NOT all.  Well, Nellie is with graphic design...we do have cute things planned, but please don't expect perfection!

* My bathroom may NOT be remodeled by the time the sessions begin.  Dan has asked what needs to do before the Fridays start and he is going to try his best to work on the bathroom....but just in case...You all have been warned :)  It really isn't that bad, but it definitely needs a makeover!  

*We will have a sign up for food/snacks if anyone wants to bring anything!  Drinks will be provided...but be warned...I DON'T have a coffee maker so if you coffee people need coffee...either buy me a Keurig or bring your own coffee!  :)

*If you need childcare, please indicated that with a Yes or a No in the space for that in the sign up.  As soon as we see what the childcare needs are we will gather a game plan on that!  

* There are a few weeks where you are required to bring an item to complete your craft.  We will NOT have extra of those items so please be aware of that!  

* Please bring your $10 with you for each session.  We will have a jar set up for you to put your money in.  It will be as simple as that.  

*Nellie and I are doing this for free!  We are not making any sort of fact, we will both end up out money on this!  Please keep this in mind!


We are not sure how this is all going to go over.  There has been a lot of interest and depending on the sign ups will depend on how often we run the sessions.  Please be patient with us.  Maybe only 2 people will sign up (my mom and Nellie's mom) and we will know that this isn't something other women want to do!  I hope we aren't the only two!  Our plan is to see this grow!  

If you have any questions, please ask away!  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Semester Craft Schedule!

Ok, Ladies, Fridays at the Farm has been set and planned!  Here are the details…

We will be meeting every other week starting on September 12th.  We have the crafts planned until the end of December and will keep you posted for days after the New Year.  Nellie and I will be preparing for Fridays at the farm so all you will need to do is show up!  There are a few weeks that we will need you to bring a supply that isn’t covered in the weekly cost and we will let you know that below. 

The cost of Fridays at the farm is going to be $10 a session.  This will cover all the supplies you will need to complete your project and go home with what we create.  We will be having a sign up and will be posting that link on Monday, August 11th.  We are limiting the sessions to 15 spots for each session.  You can sign up for each session or pick only the crafts you want to make and sign up for just that session.  Although, they are all so adorable and fun so I think you should sign up for each session  

Our morning session will meet from 9am-11am and our evening session will meet from 6:30-8:30 at the Wilke farm.  If you need childcare please indicate that on the sign up.  Our plan right now is to have childcare for at least the morning session for sure.  If there is a need for evening childcare and enough interest we will work that out as well.  There will be a small fee for childcare if you are going to need it.  We are not thinking it will be more than a few dollars for the session time. 

Alright, here is the exciting part….THE CRAFTS! 

September 12th: **Pallet Signs **  Cost is $10 and no additional supplies are needed!  We will be creating and painting our own pallet signs!

{all photos found on pinterest}

September 26th: ** Twine wrapped letters and Felt flowers** Cost is $10   We will be wrapping a 12 inch letter with twine and creating felt flowers to use to decorate.  We will need the letter you will want to wrap at the time of sign up.  Please bring a hot glue gun if you have one!

{all photos found on pinterest}

October 10th ** Magnetic Cookie Sheet and Magnets**  Cost is $10.  You will NEED to bring with you a cookie sheet-can be new or used, flat or with a lip.  The air cookie sheets will not work as they are not magnetic! We will be covering the cookie sheet with fabric and making clothspin magnets to coordinate with the cookie sheet!  We will also be making a pen holder as well with a recycled can!

{all photos found on pinterest}
October 24th ** Thankful Tree and Jars **  Cost is $10  We will be creating a thankful tree to use for the month of November as well as Jars that say “THANKS” .  You will need to bring 7 glass jars with for this craft.  They can be mason jars of rinsed out spaghetti jars, pickle jars, or any other larger glass jars.  They do not all have to be the same if you are okay with that look!

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November 7th ** Decorated and personalized clip boards and Bow Garland **  Cost is $10.  No additional supplies are needed!   We will be using Hazel and Ruby print paper to create personalized clipboards along with using the cricut to create bow garland.

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November 21st **  Gift wrapping with Nellie**  Cost is $10.  Our very own Nellie has a background in professional gift wrapping .  Whe will be teaching us wrapping techniques just in time for Christmas!  You will get to wrap 3 boxes to take home and use to decorate for the holiday!

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December 5th
** Christmas Pom Pom Garland **  Cost is $10.  You will use your very own pom pom maker to create a Christmas garland to use to decorate your house or your Christmas tree!  Please bring a sharp scissors!

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December 19th
** Cookie Exchange and Christmas party**  No cost!  Bring 15 dozen of the same cookie.  I know that seems like a lot, but everyone will be taking home 15 dozen cookies…15 different kinds!  This is a bit of prep work, but I promise it will be worth it!

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Phew!  Are you excited?  We simply can’t wait to hang out at the farm with you, craft, chat, and make new friends! 

We will post a link to the sign up on Monday August 11th! Let’s get our craft on ladies…down on the farm!