Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter/Spring Craft Session Preview!

So after planning and talking and planning and changing our minds and planning and talking some more......We have completed the next semester of craft sessions! I really hope you are as excited about these as we are!  They are going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Ok so this is the deal.  When Nellie and I had a random encounter at the beach last summer and we casually talked about doing this we really had no clue!  We have done a lot of living and learning and have had to tweak a few things to make this the best overall experience for everyone!  

Tweak #1:  The price.  I know, I know.  We had to do some adjusting to our pricing.  There were many weeks when we made nothing and even a few weeks when we *gulp* lost money.  We understand that the price was part of the draw to the sessions and we really hope that you all will still come.  Thank you in advance for understanding all the work that goes into each and every Friday at the Farm!  

Tweak #2:  Sign up.  We will have a new way of signing up for the sessions.  I will go into further detail in a few days after the listings are up.  In short, you will head to my etsy store and purchase your spot for the session you want to sign up for that way.  (Once the class is filled you will no longer be able to purchase that session)  The cost of the "deposit" will be $10 per class you sign up for.  This will be a NON REFUNDABLE $10 with the remaining balance due at the class.  We struggled with many no shows and with last minute cancellations.  Don't get me a mom of 7 I totally understand no showing or canceling last minute...I am guilty of it as well.  However, we would purchase enough material for everyone signed up and there were many weeks when we had left overs and had prepped for too many and then couldn't return items.  I also spend a ton of time at craft stores looking for the best deals to keep costs as low as possible and having a portion of the money ahead of time will give me more freedom to shop earlier and more efficiently!  

We will still be offering a morning session and an evening session.  I just need to verify childcare help before I post the sign up as well.  That will be staying the same.  $5 per child for the 2 hour session.  

The only item you will need to bring is yourself and a snack to share if you would like to bring one along.  I will provide drinks as well as all of the supplies. ( If you are going to sign up for the Nail string art session, you might want to bring your own hammer!)

Depending on how quickly the classes fill, I may add a second session of a craft if it is a popular one! I am also planning some kid craft dates, a mother daughter craft session, and a drop in session as well!

I would LOVE to keep offering private sessions as well as well as Birthday parities.  I am also open to opening my crafting area up for scrapbooking days or other crafty kind of things!  Please email me at if you would like to get more info on that.  I am booking sessions in January and February already so let's get you on the calendar!  

Stay tuned as I am having Nellie help me iron out a few other things!  What do you guys think?!?!  I will keep you posted on when the sign up will be!  

Click HERE to download and preview a PDF version of our Class Flyer!

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