Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Embracing a not so picture perfect Christmas

 We all have a vision in our minds what Christmas is supposed to look like, right?  Perfectly decorated trees, candles glowing next to a beautifully decorated table, the children playing board games so peacefully by the glowing fireplace and gifts wrapped so delicately and perfectly placed just right under the Christmas tree.

And enter reality here...Wilke style.  Dan and I just got done wrapping gifts for tomorrow morning.  The kids are only getting 3 gifts (due to our puppy surprise a month ago).  Nothing fancy.  Mostly clothes.  Books.  Water bottles for basketball.  Backpacks.  No huge electronics or fancy toys.  Frankly we are good to go with everything we need so even trying to find some "necessity" things was a bit tricky.  I will clarify on the wrapping front as well.  The gifts are a hot mess.  Old wrapping paper.  Tape everywhere.  Corners just kind of crinkled in...not creased.  And we write on the gifts with a sharpie as to who they go to.  Is this how I pictured our wrapping situation to take place?  No way.  A few years ago I would have had the gifts all wrapped by early December.  They would have been hidden away in our closet.  Neat corners and all.  For the past 4 days we have had the gifts strewn all over our bedroom.  The kids have walked in and out of our room on numerous occasions over the course of the past 4 days.  I know this may shock many of could you let the kids see their potential gifts?  What about the surprise?  Well, I guess we are kinda party poopers here.  Santa doesn't visit our house.  He is off delivering to other families and our kids are totally ok with that.  I think over the course of all that has happened to us this past year we are truly just grateful for what we have.  It has been a rough year in many many ways, but also such an incredible year in way many more ways.  We have learned to set up boundaries.  We have had to let things go.  We have learned to be "ok" with situations.  God has put so many solid people in our life over the course of the past 2 years that without them I am not sure where we would be.
 Please don't let our Christmas card pictures fool you.  We are far from perfect.  Our kids aren't perfect.  We yell at the kids sometimes....or a lot of times.  Our house is kind of a disaster zone right now.  Just keep walking past the bedrooms I tell myself daily.  I can't do it all.  Our Christmas tree is decorated only about half way down because the 3 cats keep climbing it and knocking ornaments off. There are pine needles everywhere because we forgot to water the tree.  Our puppy poops in the house daily.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  We have no bread or milk in the house right now.  (due to a lack of grocery shopping!).  And we.are.okay.with. that.
We are embracing our crazy life.  We are enjoying our new home this Christmas.  We are loving being warm and waking up to warmth.  We are SO grateful for our jobs and our kid's school.  We try our best to help when/where we can.  We take things day by day.  Maybe Christmas will be a little more fancy for us next year, but for this year.... It is a Perfect Christmas for us.  We are simply grateful this year.  Merry Christmas from the Wilke Family!

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