Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cow party...Finally!

Griffin was in love with cows last summer.  I am talking not this past summer but the summer before.  So like any good mom I decided to have a cow party for him last year.  We talked about that cow party SO much.  "You are gonna have a cow party, Griffin."  And....

It never happened. We didn't make it a priority.  We got busy.  

We have been hyping up this cow party for a few months again.  We had all the stuff for the party.  It was just sitting in a tub staring at me every time I went into my craft closet.  It was begging to be used.  Then last Sunday I realized that Griffin's birthday was in a week.  One week.  There was No way I was going to be able to pull off a cow party in a week.  Impossible.  So I kinda settled that the party wasn't gonna happen.  I was holding special craft sessions and doing a lot to get ready for Christmas at work that I let the cow party go.  Then on Thursday I snapped back into reality.  

Griffin was turing 3.  He deserved the cow party we had been promising for 2 years.  He's our baby.  Our baby was turning 3.  I got my priorities in order and worked my buns off to have the best cow party possible that we could throw together in 3 days.  It was too late in the game to pull Nellie out of my back pocket for invitations or printables....apparently she has a life other than designing things for me.  I am almost embarrassed to tell you what I did for invitations.  Mainly because it may have just involved a text message!  And I didn't even include everyone in the text message so I had to make phone calls!  I am sure the invitations would have been adorable, but we made it without them.

So ladies and is our cow party that we started planning for on Thursday.  We decorated the dining room with wrapping paper for the tablecloths and added scrap book 12x12 sheets for the placemats.  (this was all purchased at Hobby Lobby last year but I know they still have all of it cause I looked a few weeks ago!)  The cow plates were also from HL.  
 I use these little glass jars for my Fridays at the Farm.  I had 10 extra glasses and I borrowed 10 from Brie.  Lynn helped me create these milk jars by dipping the rim in melted white chocolate and then dipping them again in black jimmies.  (I always melt my melting chocolate in my tiny crockpot thing I have.  As long as you keep stirring that chocolate melts to the perfect consistency!)  We put a black and white straw in the jar and boom.....milk jars done.  They were filled with lots of chocolate milk today!
 I knew last year I wanted to make cow ears for all of the kids to wear.  Nellie helped me cut the felt out on Friday morning during our craft session and then with a little guidance and help from me, Molly and Sadie finished them.  I found the template HERE  So easy.  Just cut, trace, cut and hot glue on headbands.  I bought the headbands last year at the dollar store.  3 for $1.
 The party table was a bit of a jumbled mess.  Christmas decorations are up and fire burning wood and paper are all in the area of the table...but we made it work.  I reused some of the supplies from Lanie's Lady bug party so that was helpful and convenient!
 We had a good number of people coming so we tried to make plenty of seating room as possible.  Even the play area was used.

 I am SO glad we made the cow headbands!  The kids looked adorable wearing them.

 There is a local store that makes jumbo cow cookies.  I also picked up a few pig cookies for my pig loving kids!
 I tried to keep the food theme black and white.  Donuts in a jumbo vase?  Yes, please!  I think the donuts were a hit for sure.
 Griffin LOVES chocolate milk.  On a rare occasion I will buy it.  Actually, I have learned to never buy it, but Dan will pick him up a gallon once in a while.  If he knows we have it then that is all he wants to drink.  I am not sure how many milk jugs of chocolate milk he had.  It's hard to say no to the birthday boy!
 I loved that the "big" kids wore the cow ears as well!  Even Pastors wear cow ears!  :)

 Cow parties bring out the happiness in everyone!  This time around we celebrated Griffin's birthday with friends.  God has placed so many great and wonderful people in our lives who have surrounded us and supported us.  We have felt so incredibly loved by them and wanted to thank them for playing such an important roll in our lives.  We truly love all of you and are so thankful for you!

Could Nellie and her hubby be any cuter?  Look at the matching attire and their sweet baby girl, Ms. Navy.  Seriously you guys.  Come on now!
 Like I said, chocolate milk filled those milk jugs all afternoon long!
 And the kids were SO happy about it!
 We had planned for all the kids to celebrate in the dining room together and they did!  Wow!  I know 7 of them are mine, but look at all of those sweet children.  How did we get to be so lucky to be so blessed?
 And then Griffin started to break down.  All the pictures and the fact that we weren't letting him open up all the gifts was a bit too much for our 3 year old to handle.  Once we started on the presents he perked right back up!
 The cake came from DQ.  Of course you have to have an ice cream cake at a cow party!  Someone suggested it to me on Friday during our craft session when I was complaining explaining that I was so far behind that I didn't even have a cake planned.  Griffin loved the cake.  He kept asking to open the freezer to look at it.
 I didn't get a good picture of the cow area all together.  The lighting was horrible and frankly there was stuff everywhere.  That is ok, though.  Look at those "MOO" letters.  Dan made those late last night as we  I was in full panic mode.  He sat and traced the scrapbook paper and then taped them down for me on the cardboard letters.  ( I know....I know....he is a keeper!)
We didn't get a picture of all the food either!  Ahhhhh!   I should just wear the camera around my neck.  Anyways, we had hot ham and rolls and lots of salads that our friends brought.  Store bought brownies may have been included on the menu as well.

Overall I am super happy with what we could pull together in 3 days.  I was bummed I didn't have time to make a cricut banner for him, but maybe I can work on one and have it ready for next year!

Please don't for a moment think that I can pull this off by myself...cause I can't.  Between Fridays at the Farm and juggling 7 kids and a part time job I have learned to ask for help AND to be okay with accepting help.  I am always amazed by how we get done all that we get done.  Thank you to each of you that help us get our "things" done!

Nellie and I have committed to get you guys the class schedule for next semester this week.  And. We. WILL!  Stay tuned for an update on that.

I am off the crash on the couch.  I haven't  been this exhausted in a long time.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, non picture loving, crazy haired, wild, silly, ninja turtle loving, diaper wearing, potty chair hater, baby boy.  I love that God said we weren't done at 6 and blessed us with you.  You rock my world Gibby Cakes!

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  1. Thanks for letting us be part of Griffin's special day!!! We love all of you and thank God for bringing you into our lives!