Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cookies and more Cookies! The 1st Annual FATF Cookie Exchange!

Well, that just happened!  Wow!

Nellie and I just hosted our very 1st Christmas Cookie Exchange for Fridays at the Farm.  

It was awesome!~

***All of this was made possible by Nellie***
I was a loser and got sick and over scheduled myself and got overwhelmed and kinda shut down and panicked and almost cried in a corner of Walmart while shopping at 10:00 at night...

Nellie rescued me yesterday.  She did all the thinking about the cookie exchange.  

We started off by prepping our drink stations.  We had sherbet punch, apple cider and a hot cocoa bar.  Next year we are gonna get that hot cocoa right on the 1st try ;)  No more burnt whole pot of hot cocoa!

I had found these super cute mini loaf dishes at Michaels the day after Thanksgiving.  I had a grand idea of making everyone homemade Banana Bread.  We may have cut it a bit close, but the last loaf came out of the over at a little after 5:00 and Nellie and Lanie had those breads packaged up and ready to go as a little Thank You from us for coming to our cookie exchange!  We didn't taste test the bread so we are hoping for the best!
 Nellie created some more fabulous printable for us.  We went with a pink, red and brown theme.  Pink you say?  Uh huh!  When you have super cute all pink pencils to use, you can bring the color pink into anything.
We had our stations all set up.  One dozen cookie to go on each plate for our sampling.  

 And then the cookies arrived!

 I told you those pencils were cute!  After the cookies were all set up and ready for testing we gave a quick instruction.  You couldn't vote for your own cookie and only one cookie per card.

 The rest of the cookies went around our kitchen island so we could walk around and fill our tins/trays with a dozen of each of the different kinds of cookies.
 Let the sampling begin!  There were so many different kinds of cookies and 13 different kinds of cookies to try is a lot of tasting!

 The ladies sampled and ate and rested and ate some more.  And then they voted.  Nellie and I tallied the votes and we had some close races!  And the winners ARE:

                                  LORENA LUKE:  BEST LOOKING COOKIE AWARD!

                                    AMANADA GRAEVE:  MOST CREATIVE COOKIE

                                     TIFFANY BIESBOER:  MOST UNIQUE COOKIE

                                            NELLIE LEIS:  BEST TASTING COOKIE
 Tiffany wasn't able to be there (she dropped her cookies off ahead of time), but here are the winners :)
 Everyone left with 13 dozen different cookies.  Yum yum~ !
It was a success, I think!  ALL of the cookies were SO good.  Thank you to all who were able to participate!

Please don't forget to sign up for next semesters classes!  If you are viewing from a cell phone you have to click on the full web version for the sign up to work!  The new schedule of classes is at the top of the page!  We can't wait to craft with you again after the New Year!

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