Monday, November 3, 2014

Potty Training....Epic Fail

This was our first weekend in a very very long time that we didn't have any commitments.  We didn't need to be anywhere and we really didn't have to do anything.  That hasn't happened in a really long time.  Well, I still had to work but that doesn't count ;)       So why not potty train Griffin?  Ha.  We started off by scaring prepping him all week long.  "Saturday you are gonna go on the potty chair."  Now we have done this 6 times already so one would think we know what we are doing.  Also, since I supervise the nursery area for my job I see all the other children who are much younger than Griffin wearing undies.  Over achievers is the word I like to use for those children.  Molly, our first, was an over achiever.  She was potty trained before her 2nd birthday.  Griffin turns 3 in one month people!  
So we parked the potty chair in from of the heater (we still are with no heat for a couple of weeks) and forced gently placed his crying body on the potty chair.  (PLEASE DON'T HATE, I DON'T CLAIM TO BE AN EXPERT)  Within 20 minutes he had gone.  Yes!  Victory!  My job is done...he has mastered it.  Yahoo.  

As of Saturday evening, we pulled the diapers back out.
We failed.
We lost the battle.
He is not ready.  
We will continue to try, but no longer will force it.  
We fought a good fight and he won.  

After failing as parents in the potty training area, we decided to take the kids to a park.  We thought leaving our cold house and going somewhere warm would be a good idea.  Then we drove by a park and the kids begged us to go.  So to the park we went.  

 Molly is growing up way too fast.  A friend of our gave Molly some of her clothes...and she showed up to church wearing this.  I am learning to like her style.  Really, I am.  She has officially grown out of the clothes I would typically pick for her.  Boo.
 We pretty much take over any park we go to.  Trust me.  Families leave when they see the amount of children we have run up to the park.  If only they would stay, I am sure our kids would play with their kids.  Oh well, we had the park to ourselves!

 After the cold park we decided to "warm" up with happy hour slushies at Sonic.  7 slushies and a large Soda for Dan was $6.  We just made it too.  3:55 baby.  Happy hour ends at 4.  Cotton candy, watermelon, blue raspberry, and cherry with nerd candies.
 I also found this on my bathroom sink!  A thank you from one of the young ladies that came to the kid craft session.  Her family makes their own soap.  I have been drooling over them online and now I finally have one!  Thank you Karisa and Kim for blessing me with this!  I am going to keep it in the downstairs bathroom for the Fridays at the Farm ladies to use!  I just love little surprises like this!  Makes me smile :)
We also had parent teacher conferences this past week.  We earned all A's and only one B+ in pre algebra.  And by we I mean the kids of course!  They are really doing awesome.  All good reports and very nice things said about them.  We are so blessed to have them in a school with teachers that truly love and care about our kids and our family.

We have another busy week here on the farm.  Dan has to prep the basement for the new boiler...Praise Jesus, basketball season begins...I am an assistant in I stand there, I have a pretty huge Friday at the Farm this Friday... a lot of prep work, work, school, cleaning, cooking....and on and on.  Yahoo!

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