Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fridays at the Farm...Session I don't know anymore...But it was a BLAST!

Well Friday has ended.  Boo.  This session was such a fun time!  The only sad part about it was that I was missing my counterpart.  Nellie was vacationing at the happiest place on earth and I was at the next happiest place on earth...Fridays at the farm!  What a fun group of ladies came today for both sessions!  We had only 16 in the morning, but we had 31 at night!  Wowzers.  It. Was. Awesome.  
It takes me almost a week to prep for Fridays.  Between raising 7 little ones and working part time I need about a week to get everything 100% set up.  I also can't set up totally until after my kids leave for school on Friday there is a bit of panic  rushing going on Friday mornings.  Thankfully, we always seem to pull it together and act like we have our act together!  

This week we made double sided blocks.  Now, these were a bit more work than I had anticipated.  Nellie and I are really good at picking out crafts and NOT trying them before we decide to host a session!  Even with all the work, I am SO glad we did this craft.  I think the hardest part was cutting 55 sets of blocks....which I didn't have to do, but my husband did.  We are totally in this Fridays thing together.  Really, he has been such a great support.   He even parks cars so we have enough parking room!  Anyways, in order to make this craft we needed the designs.   So awesome Nellie went to work and created 3 templates for each side of the box.  Each lady was able to pick which template they wanted and I had them at their place setting for them.  

Since there were only 16 in the morning I only had to set up my "normal" tables.  However, due to popular demand and 31 ladies coming, we transformed part of our living room into crafting work space as well.  We had stations in every place possible.  That made my heart so happy.  Just knowing that there are so many of you out there wanting to come and have some craft time....that is just such a blessing for me!  
So after a bit of instruction we headed out to the garage to pick out a set of blocks.  Each crafter needed 7 blocks to complete their set.  I had also made many trips to Aldi to get empty boxes so they crafters would be able to carry their blocks home.  I really do try to think about each of you and what will make your Friday experience the best.  :)  If boxes made it easier for you to take your craft home in, then I am glad I made Aldi runs!  

 The ladies got right to sanding their blocks.  I will not lie....I did think about sanding all of the blocks for you guys.  And then I sanded a set for me....and then I changed my mind.  No way was I gonna do that!  I love you all dearly, but that wasn't gonna happen!  I did have some ladies contact me prior to the session and picked up their blocks to sand at home.  The sanding really only took 10-15 minutes or so....and who doesn't like to sand, right?!?!?
After the blocks were sanded the crafters headed back inside and got to painting.  I tried to get paint that would match the designs Nellie created.  There were so many different ways people created their blocks!  

 I also made  had the ladies cut their own letters out as well.  We had a couple of cutting stations set up for them to cut.

 There were some old faces and many many new faces at Fridays at the Farm this session.  That is my favorite part.  Hanging out with my friends and making new ones.  Well, maybe they don't want to be my friend, but if you come to my house you are automatically my friend.  :)

We have mothers and daughters that come together.  Friends.  Neighbors. Coworkers.  We also have some brave women that fly solo....which totally makes me happy!  What an incredible way to meet new people and make new friends!

So back to the craft.  You paint your blocks and cut out your paper.  And then you Modge Podge.  Hodge podge is okay to call it as well ;)  The hardest part of Modge Podge is making sure your paper doesn't bubble.  I think we found the key. You have to let your first layer dry completely before adding the layer on the top.

 We have such a great time least I think we do.  All of the ladies bring yummy snacks...well, most of the snacks are yummy....right ?  Maybe not the potato crisps that Julie forces asks everyone to try that look like old toenails, but the rest are good!  (I love you, Julie!)
 AND...BOOM....finished crafts.

Nellie will be posting the printable for FREE....oh wait...I am supposed to do that.  Let me see if I can figure that out.  If you want to order a set, I can make you one as well.  The cost is $25 per set.  You pick the set you want.

Also, for all of you that are interested in coming to Fridays....Nellie and I will be posting our next semester schedule soon.  Our goal was November 1st and that came and went.  We have all the crafts picked out and they are awesome if I do say so myself.  If you like my page on Facebook for fridays I will post updates and announcements there.  If classes book up, I may offer a second session so more ladies can some.  I want this to be good for everyone and I know there are a lot of you out there wanting to come!  I will post when the sign up will be soon!    Also...I always have cancellations and No shows....If a session is full and you want to be on the waiting list, let me know....  :)

Thank you all from making my dream into a reality!  Thank you for your support and help.  You all rock my world!

Click HERE to print out your very own set of letters to make this craft yourself!  Thank you Nellie for letting the ladies have this for free...again.  You rock my world too!

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  1. super cute idea!!! but i clicked on the link and it said it wasn't available :( Do you still have the printables for the words? Thanks!