Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday November 7th Session...If you are coming, please read! If you are not coming, you can read too!

Hi you crafty crafters!  Ok, this Friday we are making Give Thanks/Jingle bell blocks.  My husband is hard at work cutting 50 sets of blocks for all of you ladies!  
In order to prevent wasted printing cost, I need you to pick your set for your blocks.  

You will need to pick one set of Give Thanks and one set of Jingle Bells.
They are numbered for you.  Please comment with your name and number of what you want. 

Example:  Susan Wilke  GT #3 and JB #2.  
You can email me as well, comment on here, comment on Facebook..just tag me in it please.  

If you are not signed up yet, we still have room in the morning session!
If you would like me to make you a set of these I can do that as well.  A set will be $ pick the paper option and the color of your blocks and I'll do the work for you!

If you are prepared to sand your own blocks, paint and use modge podge.  I don't want to see any fancy fancies here on Friday.  ;)

I can ship these as well so if you want me to make you a set I would be more than happy to do so and ship to you!  

I am flying solo this "Robin" is at Disney this week.  Boo for me but Yay for her!  We will miss you, Nellie!  

Alright...I have posted 3 blogs today...I am on a roll!!!!!


  1. Give Thanks #1
    Jingle Bells #3.
    Kristin Hein. Friday morning. W

  2. I want Give Thanks #1 and Jingle Bells #3 Lynne Scharpf Friday am

  3. Giving#3 Jingle#2 Amanda Graeve Friday evening.

  4. Hi! This is Emily (Chris Es daughter). We would like give thanks (1 set of #1, 2 sets of #3) and jingle bells (1 set of #2 and 2 sets of #3). I live in Oconomowoc and could pick them up Thursday morning-that would be great!! My email is ecenockson at gmail