Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Pallet Session Round 1!

The pallet session is So very popular and I wanted to make sure as many of you could make a pallet board as I could so I had added another session.  You guys booked that up right away!  33 women in all attended!  We had a FULL house and I loved every minute of it :)  We also had a women's group attend which was so awesome.  I hope you all had a great time!  
 We started off with some instruction for the newbies and a review for the oldies ;)  And then we got right down to business.  Picking out the sign and starting to trace.

Best part of all....the boiler was working!  The heating guys had just left as ladies were pulling up.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
 I transformed our play area into the women's group area.  They had their own room with a bit a privacy!  They were some very creative people I tell ya.  I am thinking about paying them to make my pallet sign!

AND THE FINISHED PRODUCTS!  Each one so very different and unique!  Take a look...
 Outlined words...What?!?!?!
 Sisters crafting together...for Realz...
 Mother/Daughter crafting and snow splatter....come one now....
 Look at all the colors....
Friends crafting together and laughing...that JOY sign is amazing by the way ;)  
These girls got their sparkle on!  SO cute ladies! 
This sign was a tough one...but it turned out super!  
And some more.....I love them all so much!

And then a picture of the women's group!  What a great group of women!  I am so glad you guys came!  
 Ok...So for all of you ladies attending this Friday morning OR Friday night session.... I need you to pick your sign.  I need to make the prints for you pallet board and I will need to know in advance so I don't have to overpay for unused copies.  ****THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO****  PLEASE COMMENT on THIS blog to tell me your option.

EXAMPLE:  Oh Holy Night....cursive...Susan Wilke

EXAMPLE:  NOEL...block letters....Susan Wilke

I will need to know by Thursday morning at the latest to make sure I can have your copy ready for you.  Earlier would be fantastic :)  I won't be hounding you....if you don't pick a sign I will have options here but I can't promise to have the one you want!

I think that is all for tonight!  I have someone coming over tonight that is in massage school and needs practice hours.  Will I be your guinea pig?!?!?!  You bet I will!  I have never had a massage so I don't know what to compare it to....but I think it's gonna be awesome!  I am also letting her practice on Dan....he too has never had a massage.  A little weirded out by another woman touching my man....but he's been cutting blocks and making pallet signs....and I love the lady so I think we are all good....but I'll be watching ;)

Sigh....God is So good isn't HE?

Oh...and stay tuned....we have some BIG news to tell you all!  


  1. Oh holy night cursive...heidi reimer..thnks!

  2. Oh holy night cursive ...Krystin dieringer

  3. Jamie Marquardt...block letters...JOY please. Cannot wait!

  4. Jessica Koski: let it snow in cursive . Thanks!

  5. Peace Joy Love.....Nicole Brown -thank you!

  6. (my first comment didn't show up) Peace - cursive - Lea Ann Beck. (and am hoping to add a big ol star to one side if possible)

  7. Oh Holy Night - cursive - Ruth Been. Thank you, Susan!

  8. O Holy Night...cursive...Katie Anderson and joy, love, peace, believe, christmas for Ellen Loeser

  9. For unto us a Child is born - Jen Sohre

  10. Peace, Joy and Love.....Sue Halverson
    Let it Sn*w......cursive......Michaela Halverson
    O Holy Night.....cursive....Molly Halverson

  11. Peace joy love.... angie broich
    J *ornament* Y.... allison broich

  12. Joy to the world-Emily Enockson

  13. For Unto Us a Child is Born - Kim Allard

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