Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Pallet Session: Morning Group!!!!

The Christmas crafting has begun at Fridays at the Farm!  This past Friday we created Christmas Pallet boards.  My husband and nephews have been working hard at keeping up with all my wood projects for our sessions!  Good thing the next session is Pom Pom saw involved!
 We had a packed house for the morning session.  I had you guys crammed in.  I just wanted to give you all the opportunity to be able to make a pallet sign...I hope you all felt like you had enough space!
 These women went right down to business.  Some had made these before at a previous session so they were old pros.  This time we used the chalk again and that seemed to help with the visibility of the imprint.
 I don't make them stand....but a lot of women like to stand.  I would stand too.  That way I can muli-task better!  Also, when I sit down lately, I tend not to want to get back up :)
 We had a couple ladies go with an older pallet board design so they could keep it up all year long.  Love it!
 We have the parking down to a science here!  My hubby  usually gets all the cars parked before he heads off to work.  It's quite the scene.  I even have people stopping by now and asking me what I have going on that we have cars here all the time.  Have I told you guys how much I LOVE doing this?!?!?!
 I am just going to get to the finished products here.  All the signs were beautiful.  I mean, really, I would be proud to display any of these!

After the first round of ladies leave....we clean up.  Griffin notices some dirt on the floor and went and grabbed the broom all by himself.  Broken arm and all.  He actually did a great job at sweeping!

Thank you all who attended the morning session!  I hope you enjoyed your time here as much as I enjoyed having you!  Night session blog is up next!

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