Monday, November 10, 2014

And we have an injury!

 We have had quite the eventful past 24 hours.  I am finally getting a chance to process what happened!  Here we go....

Yesterday afternoon I headed into Brookfield to purchase some more wood, lumber, sticks...I don't know what they are called...but Dan told me what to get and I told the Menards dude.  To say Menards with 4 women is "eventful" would be an understatement.  We couldn't find the 2x4x8's in the lumber yard....that lumber yard was a nightmare to me.  Who needs that much wood?  After making a few wrong stops and having to ask a lumber yard employee we found the right section of wood that we needed.  Now you have to be pretty picky when purchasing wood for crafts so that too a bit time consuming as well.  I am pretty sure loading 2x4's was and event all it itself as well.  Just too much crammed in to one vehicle!  Next time we need a truck!

So, I pull in the driveway and I can see Dan holding Griffin ,who is crying, through the kitchen window.  He was extremely over-tired from a long weekend so I figured that is what the issue was.  Well, there was a lot more to it :(  Griffin was having a crying fit on the ground over a sippy cup.  Tragic, I know.  His sisters were trying to help him pick a sippy cup and they weren't getting him the "right" one so he began rolling on the ground screaming and crying.  Dan reached down to pick him up and grabbed him under the armpits.  Griffin then flailed his head and body back like any reasonable over-tired child would.  He started to slip through Dan's hands so Dan grabbed his arms and his arms slid through Dan's hands and ended at Griffin's wrists.  If Dan wouldn't have caught him at the wrists he would have banged his head on the tile floor.  Sigh.

So I come into the house with screaming kids and a nightmare of a mess.  It was total chaos.  We then had a super long night.  Molly laid in bed with Griffin who ended up waking up crying a number of times.  Around midnight we decided to take him to the ER.  Griffin wasn't having that idea and he just wanted to go in his bed.  Dan slept with him to give him comfort while I slept with Lanie who kicked my back the entire night.  I also tried a different pillow arrangement last night....that was a bad decision.  I sleep with pillows surrounding me.  They "hold" me up I tell Dan.  He hates it.  I also sleep with a pillow over my head.  We have no curtains at our house so in order to mask car lights and noise and kids coughing and kids crying and cats meowing and gerbils running in a wheel, and the toilet flushing, and Dan snoring....I smother my head with a pillow.  Needless to say, by 2:00 am I was back to my normal "pillow mountain."

When we all woke up this morning, I found Griffin and Dan sleeping on the couch.  Griffin wasn't moving his arm and screamed if it was moved at all.  We took the kids to school, dropped Lanie off by Nellie's house, and headed to urgent care.  My token brother, who is a doctor, said we should head right to an orthopedic dr.  Guess what?  We didn't.  Guess where we ended up?  After a trip to urgent care (because of health insurance rules) we ended up heading to Children's hospital to see guessed it...and orthopedic specialist.  Urgent care took 8 X-rays and didn't see a break at all.  It was painful.  Watching your 2 year old scream in pain and not finding anything broken was really hard.  I didn't want him to have a broken arm or wrist, but not finding anything wrong and having him in so much pain was really hard.  They tried to put a sling on his arm.  Let's just say that didn't go over. At. All.  Off to children's I went.  Griffin slept on the way there, which was a good thing.  He was SO tired.  Thankfully, I found a stroller in the trunk.  I never have a stroller anymore, but for some reason I did.  He wouldn't walk at all.  He just wanted to be held like a baby he would say.  I was able to get him to sit in the stroller as we walked in.  He had his 3 blankies with him....he had to have one wrapped around his arm and the other two by his head. Can you tell he is the baby of the family ?!?!  Long story short....the orthopedic doctor reviewed the X-rays and didn't see a break either.  However, upon her examination of Griffin she agreed that something was broken and the X-ray wasn't showing it.  Maybe in one of the smaller bones or in his growth plate.  He screamed.  Like a lot.  He kept asking for mommy and then I would say, "I'm right here, buddy." and then he would scream for daddy and Molly.  I loved that he cried for Molly.

They put a cast on his little arm all the way up past his elbow.  I took this picture in the parking lot as we were leaving children's.  That was the first smile we had seen all day.  It was amazing the difference of 15 minutes.  He was singing in the car on the ride home and shooting bad guys.  Hey, we got this...he's gonna be ok, right?

Wrong.  We got home and he LOST it.  I am positive he expected for the cast to come off when we got home.  When we told him it wasn't coming off things got pretty ugly for a bit.  "CUT THIS THING OFF," were his exact words.  "IT'S TOO TIGHT." was good times.  
....and this is a picture I took right before bed.  He let his sisters sign his cast and he was actually up and walking around.  And smiling again.

He is totally getting the royal treatment here.  Chocolate milk to his content.  Computer time with the sisters.  100% being waited on by all 6 of his siblings.  And...he's loving it.

Today my heart hurt for him.  Today I would have traded places with him in an instant.  It was a tough day.  No one wants to see their little one scream in pain and not be able to help them.  However, today I am thankful for medicine and doctors and casts.  We can handle a blue cast for a few weeks.  Today I am thankful that it wasn't far worse than a blue cast.

And just so you can all know just how amazing we are at this parenting thing....same thing happened to Kenadie when she was a baby.  Exact. Same. Thing.  Different way of getting hurt (no need to call social services!) but exact same situation.  No break showed on the X-ray.  Put a cast on and Boom...good as new!  Praying that my day tomorrow is a little less "eventful!"

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  1. Sorry to hear the little man broke his arm. That is always such a tough experience for kids. My son had a cast on for several weeks and he really struggled because it began to itch and we gave him a long sowing needle to scratch it when he needed to. It helped him a lot. I recommend it, thanks.

    Timothy @ U.S. HealthWorks Pompano Beach