Sunday, November 23, 2014

And The Night Group.... They were a wild bunch!

Okay, so Rule #1 at Fridays at the Farm is:  You are Gonna have your picture taken.  No questions asked.  And the more you hide...the more I take!  

Now I can't post all the pictures, but I do like to post as many as I can.  Also, half turn out blurry so that doesn't help.  One crafter didn't want her picture taken and tried to hide.... it's too bad I took so many pictures, Miss Margie....cause now you are posted on the blog 3 times!!!!!

 So the night session was just as "hopping" as the morning session.  The ladies arrive and we give a brief instruction and begin crafting!  A special "thank you" to Nellie for parking cars for me.  Dan was out and about with the kids and I was having a freak out about the thank you Nellie for brining your coat and gloves and parking everyone!  You rock :)
 And...the final projects! ladies amaze me.  Every. Single. One.

I said we had a wild bunch on Friday night!  My great friend brought her sister along and they had me laughing like I haven't laughed in a long time.  We tried to get a good picture.  One where Julie looked "not so cheesy."  I love how they love each other and can be real with each other.  Thank you Jessie and Julie for the laughs!  Here are just some of the many pics I took.  Maybe a bit more practice, Julie ;)  hehehehehehe

The last set of crafters left around 10:30.  Hey, they were some serious crafters who made amazing signs!  We did not clean up after the session.  To be honest...much of the mess is still needing to be cleaned up.  We had family pictures taken Saturday morning (which I CANNOT wait to share with you most favorites so far!)  and then we completely revamped our bathroom this weekend.  And we are potty training our puppy.  Wait, what?  Details tomorrow people.  I am off to make pom poms with my hubby.  (and by making pom poms...I mean...really making pom poms.)  We are making a sample of the Dec 5th sessions' craft to show you all.  He is actually a really good pom pom maker :)  For Realz.

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