Monday, November 3, 2014

1st ever Kid Session of Fridays at the Farm!

So my kids have been begging me and begging me to let them craft along side of me.  It's a very difficult battle for me.  The older ones are old enough to help, but if I let the older ones help me then the younger ones want to help too.  So to make help me feel like a good mom and to bless my children with the ability to craft their hearts out, we decided to host a Kid Friday at the Farm!  It was SO much fun!  We crafted our hearts out for 4 hours with very little time to eat.  Those poor kids....I told them they could bounce on the trampoline if we had time...we didn't have any time   :( 

We started our session off with making a pallet sign.  I had them do it the same way we do for our adult sessions.  I only gave them one board, though.  They could paint their name or a few other phrases.  
 Some of the girls chose to paint their board first before tracing their word down.  The older kids were able to paint in the lines a little more precisely than the younger ones, but overall the kids did a really great job!

 After the pallet board signs were done, we moved on to magnetic cookie sheets!  Whew, this one was a work out!  The older girls were so helpful when it came to helping spray adhesive the fabric down.  Thanks big girls!  I taught them how to make felt flowers and they ALL rocked at those, even the 8 year olds!
 The kids got to use hot glue guns all by themselves.  I was really surprised at how well they all did.  So many times I think that the kids can't do certain things, but they just jumped right in and crafted away.

The magnetic cookie sheets were the most time consuming and thankfully Mrs. Roe stopped by and was able to help!  I would still be working on those cookie sheets if it weren't for her ;)
 Our 3rd craft was wine cork pumpkins.  A friend of ours had sent me a big box filled with wine corks. I was confident I would find a use for them and I did!  Each child got a bag filled with 29 wine corks.  They painted different color oranges on one end of the wine cork.
 When the ends dried (some didn't have time to dry so we did them wet) we hot glued the corks together.  First a row of 5, then a row of 6, then 7, then 6, then 5.  I purchased some fake leaves from the dollar store and glues them down along with some brown grass type material I found at Michaels.
 The pumpkins turned out super duper cute.  If we would't have run out of wine corks I would make a bunch more!

Thank you parents for allowing your kids to come!  I hope they had a great time and you enjoyed their crafts.  They might not have been perfect, but the kids worked hard on them!

I for sure will be doing another kid made my kids happy which is all I can ask for!

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