Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a glimpse....

Life here can be crazy. 
Life here IS crazy.
I thought I would give you a glimpse into a day of our crazy life. 
We start our mornings at 6:00am.  Well, the kids do.  Usually Dan hits his snooze button a few times, but the kids are up and functioning on their own by then.  Our kids our self sufficient in the mornings.  They get their own breakfast and get themselves dresses.  The older ones help the younger ones most of the time.  It is really nice.  

The older kids get to school by 7:30 on a good morning and start school at 7:40.  That leaves me home with the two littles.  Lanie goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Today the sisters didn't get them their breakfast so it was my job today.  They are a pretty fun to be around! 
 I headed in to work for a bit this morning and decided to take a break and crash a lunch date with our friends!
They treated us to the chocolate factory for some yummy ice cream.  

I love the way Lanie and Stellan are looking at each other.... I would be okay if they got 30 years. 

 Then perhaps the best surprise of the day!!!!!  We have hired Carew heating and air conditioning to replace our boiler.  They came very highly recommended and have been so extremely nice to us.  The tech came out today to tell Dan what pipes he needs to remove for our new boiler install.  Dan is going to do some of the work on his own so we can save money.  If anyone is skilled at pipe cutting, let us know!  We also need to move our 1 ton old boiler out of the way....anyone?  We will be getting our new boiler installed on November 13th!  Words can't even describe the past month.  We had so many quotes and offers from people to help and we are SO appreciative of everyone.  We decided on Carew because TJ, the tech.  He is so knowledgeable and helpful and gave of his time to help our family.  He even offered to come and review all of our quotes with us so we could make the best decision for our money.
 Then I picked the kids up from school and Molly forgot her basketball shoes so I made a trip home and then back to school.  I decided to stay at school while they had their basketball practice and got some more work done.  I sat on the bench over looking Fowler was beautiful.
 Then I headed in to watch some basketball practice.  Molly and Sadie will be on a team together and I will be assistant coaching.  Mainly, I just stand there and get balls.  Pretty useless but I love being with my girls.
 The kids did some playing outside.  It was gorgeous out.
 Can you spot Griffin?
Abbie worked on her chore for the day....Laundry helper.  Yes, I make my kids do laundry.

There was some homework, some cleaning, some more working and then we had a volleyball party to attend.  Parents against kids.  It is always fun to be with other parents and support our kids.

Then back home, more cleaning, kids in bed, blogging, and now I am leaving to go for a walk.  Dan will do more work and then I will come home and we will watch something useless on TV and I will fall asleep and go to bed.  Pretty exciting, huh?!?!

And we will do it all over again tomorrow!  Praise God!

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