Monday, October 20, 2014

Just some crazy facts about us!

I thought I would share so fun facts about me....just a "get to know you better!"  
I make a pretty mean puppy chow.  It's not your ordinary plain jane puppy chow.  It's pretty delicious.  

One time I made this cake.  Abbie LOVES pigs so I created copied it off pinterest.  It was super cute.  Now I buy premade cupcakes or donuts for my kids birthday treats.  I am gonna try to go back to creating fun treats. :)

Like I said, Abbie LOVES pigs.  She would like to have a pet pig. day.  Or not.  This one was sure cute!  Pigs make Abbie giggle.  If you have had the joy of hearing Abbie giggle you would want to get her a pig too!  
Peanut Butter Balls.  I only make them a few times a year.  If you have had one you would be disappointed that I only make them a few times a year.  Dan can consume a dozen of these a day.  I have some sitting in my fridge right now.  If you want to try one, come on by.  I am serious.  

I am one of 5 children.  I am the youngest.  I have an older sister and 3 older brothers.  One is a successful business man, one is a doctor, one works in insurance, and one runs food service at a hospital.  Together we gave my mom 20 grandchildren.  She is the best Oma to them.  She spoils them.  They are her life.  My kids LOVE their cousins.  
This is my nephew, Christian.  Good kid.  Really good kid.  My kids LOVE him.  He is Lanie's best friend.  He helps us so much with the kids and with Friday at the farm craft prep.  

We had 7 kids in 9 years.  I would LOVE to have 7 more.  While we are physically done having children, we would love to add more to our family through adoption or foster care.  Many people don't "get" this about us.  One day, if God feels we can love more, we will.  For today we will raise the ones we have to know and love God and shine the light of Jesus.  

Griffin likes to cry during pictures.  He hates having his picture taken.  He hides for almost every picture.  He's crazy.  

This is my nephew, Michael.  He is in the marines.  We are super proud of him and my kids adore him.  We don't see him much, but when we do the kids love on him as much as they can.  
Gavin's hero is Big Mike.  Thank you for your service, Big Mike! 

Dan is an amazing Daddy to his girls.  Watch out boys....this daddy isn't gonna let just anyone date his girls.  And yes, we will be spying on you on your dates.  Just keeping it real.  
I secretly help my kids create their Science Fair boards.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Science Fair.  Like I hate all the research and work that goes in to them.  So, Dan does the research and experiments and I tell  help the kids create their boards.  Last year we had to do three boards.  By the third one I was so over it.  Thankfully this year there is no Science Fair!  YAHOO!!!

After today we will have an install date for our new boiler!  I can't wait to share that with you guys and we CAN't wait to have heat!  It might not be till Mid-November, but we will just cuddle and wear extra layers till then!  (or we may have to stay with friends....brace yourselves, the Wilke clan may show up for a "sleepover!") 


  1. The Wilkes are always welcome for a slumber party! :)

  2. Brace yourself Jodie..that might just happen :)

  3. Now that you have your very own farm, you could get 7 loving cute piggies to love and adopt!! Maybe even a couple chickens ;)