Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being married to a hunk....

So I am totally blessed to be married to an amazing man.  He really is a good guy both inside and out.  You should see what he has to put up with being married to me.  Now the only downfall to being married to Dan is that he is incredibly good looking...which I totally love don't get me wrong...but sometimes I just don't feel good enough to be married to him.

This past week at MBD (mom's by design-the moms group at my work) we each had a letter card placed by our seat.  Mine was the letter "B."  Nellie and I got a few good laughs out of it cause we both got the letter "B" by where we chose to sit.  (Nellie and I actually met at the moms group last year-look where God brought us Nellie!)  Anyways, long story short, the word "B" meant Basking in the Truth.

The truth that I am beautiful

The truth that God created me in HIS image

The truth that I am good enough for Dan

The truth that Jesus died on the cross for ME

The truth that I am AMAZING

The speaker asked us if we could name 5 amazing women in our lives.  So I came up with my amazing list of women.  Then she asked if we would have ever thought to include ourself on the list of amazing.  Ummmm What?  Me? Amazing?  No way man.

I feel like I am far from amazing.  Like the total opposite... however, this week I am trying to believe that maybe, just maybe, I am a little bit amazing.  Do you know hard that is to even write?  Partially because I still don't believe that I am even a little bit amazing and partially because that is totally beyond my comfort zone to even think.

Isn't it weird that we can look at each other and think how amazing everyone else is and not believe it about yourself?  I know SO many amazing women.  Actually, every woman I know is amazing.

I am working on believing I am amazing.  Like really trying to work on it!

From my amazing life to yours...hope you have a great day :)

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