Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Friday Session....YAHOO!

Never in my dreams did I ever imagine that I would be able to make Fridays at the Farm a reality.  Never.

And here we are.  We are 4 sessions in and I am loving every Friday session.  The company is great, the crafts are awesome if I do say so myself, and my favorite part is meeting new people! 

The morning session is over and I am all prepped and ready to go for the evening session which will start in about an hour.  I am praising God today for the warm weather so my crafting friends won't be freezing!  (Boiler is coming soon, ladies!)

 We made "THANKS" jars along with a thankful tree for this session.  I always love seeing the different ideas and color combos the ladies create.  Some stay traditional while others go bold.  Some use a bit of sparkle (you all know I love me a good sparkle) and some aren't into sparkles.  Crazy, I know.
 Every week we have new faces join us and we have some hard core repeat crafters.  Really, you women are such a great group of ladies.  For two hours I don't have to deal with any fighting or crying.  Thank you, ladies, for not fighting or crying!

 Nadie was new this week and she did an amazing job!  Thanks for coming, Nadie...can't wait to have you back!
 Sometimes the children escape the childcare barriers and we are totally ok with that!

 After the jars were painted, the ladies had to organize their thankful tree twigs.  I made them prune their own sticks.  Hey, I spent a couple of hours gathering them so they get to prune.  ;)
 And here is a sample of the finished product!  Each person got their very own set of 27 leaves to hang on their for each day in November.  The leaves are chalkboard so they can be reused every year.
I really really truly love doing this.  Yes, it is a lot of work, but this is my bucket filler.  I seriously love having people over and then to craft with them is even a better bonus!

Thank you all for coming.  Nellie will be posting a link so any of you that can't come can print your own "THANKS" jar labels....wait for it...for FREE!  You will have to print them out and do the craft all on your own, but you can do it!  I know you can!

Ok, night session starts in a few...better go turn the coffee on.

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