Friday, September 5, 2014

Wait, what? It's after midnight?

I am not gonna lie...I have had a rough week.  Just feeling down and not myself.  I recently had to make some hard decisions that would be of benefit to my family...mostly my hubby and kids.  The benefit it gives to my family will now put a burden on others.  That is hard for me.  You see, I am a people pleaser.  I like to help people.  I like to give.  I say "yes" to almost everything.  I was on the verge of crashing a few weeks ago.  If I didn't set boundaries and make some changes I am not sure what would have happened.  So I did.  I set boundaries.  I reduced my hours at work and gave up a new ministry area I was working all summer to get rolling.  It was hard, but I am totally confident it was the right decision for myself and my family.  I feel selfish.  I feel like I have let people down.  People are disappointed in me.  People are upset with me.  That weighs heavy on my heart.  However, I am resting in the fact that I am choosing to put my husband and family first, as well as my relationship with God.  Boundaries.  So. Hard.  

Moving sweet "snugs" started preschool this week.  Dan and I went back and forth on sending her to preschool or not.  I visited a number of preschools, called even more preschools, and just wasn't finding anything I loved or could afford.  You see, I have very high standards.  Lanie attended a 3K last year and we LOVED it.  Only problem was, it was in Watertown.  We moved from Watertown to avoid driving so much.  So I was so hesitant to have to start driving back there.  Then I thought I would teach Lanie and Griffin at home.  Do my own little preschool time with them.  Then I had a week alone with them....and that idea went right out of my head!  So I made the call to Lanie's preschool teacher from last year and chatted and finally on Monday evening (school started Tuesday morning) we made the decision to send her back to her preschool in Watertown 2 days a week.  She is actually going to do 3K in the morning and 4 K in there afternoon 2 days a week.  She was so so so excited!  She had her outfit picked out as soon as we told her!  We woke up bright and early on Tuesday after our long weekend and curled hair, packed a lunch, and headed off to school.  I mean, really, it doesn't get more exciting than that!  She was so ready to go.  I surprised myself and didn't cry.  I think I was so settled in the fact that this was going to be good for her.  I know Mrs. Damon is going to take care of her and teach her way more than I could on my own.  I do miss her dearly when she is gone at school for the day, but I am also enjoying my time alone with Griffin.  He loves to be by me...all the not much gets accomplished, but the alone time is priceless!  It's such a weird feeling running errands with only one child.  Sometimes I feel like wearing a shirt that says "I have 6 more" so the other moms at the store with 3 or 4 kids know I have been in their shoes.  For now I will wear my yoga pants and t-shirts, though.

 Here are some sweet pics of Lanie's first day back at school.  Her backpack is a bit too small for her folder and we didn't buy any of the school supplies yet, but I plan on taking on that adventure this weekend!

 In other news....more crafting has been going on for Fridays at the farm!  We are one week away from our first night!  Nellie and I are so excited... and so nervous.  What if you guys don't like us?  What if we don't have enough snacks?  What if someone drops a pallet sign on their foot?  Yes, those are all thoughts I have had!  I am just so excited to see this become a reality.  There is lots more to do this week to get ready, but I have no doubt that we can get it all done! Nellie came over this week and took some pictures so I can get things listed in my etsy shop as exciting!

Griffin has started to pick out his own wardrobe this week which has made for some pretty interesting  outfits.  I had to look twice one morning when I saw the bright blue plaid long sleeved shirt paired with the dark brown and orange cargo shorts.  He was so proud of himself so that is what he wore for the day.  Hey, at least we can get him out of pajamas.  For a month or so he would only wear pajamas and like any awesome parents, we let him.  He grew out of it and we didn't have to fight the battle!

And finally, lady bug party prep and fridays at the farm prep is an "all hands on deck" activity at the farm right now!  Dan is the only one that knows how to use the new cricut machine (I am still using my very first cricut because I hate change).  I won't say that he "enjoys" doing it, but we did sit in the same room together and talk which was a nice little "date."  In the other room, my mom and her foreign exchange student were busy working on their tasks as well.  My mom and Molly were finishing sewing the last of the fabric banners for my etsy store.  Molly got to stay up way later than she should have.  I have a feeling we will "reap" the benefits of a crabby Molly this weekend!  Tam (my mom's foreign exchange student) rocked out the tiny lady bugs.  I can't spoil what they are for, but she was awesome at it.  I asked her to spend the night and help this weekend and she just giggled and kept making lady bugs.  I was hoping she would stay, but sadly she left.  

 Also, take note of the kitchen.  It is a hot mess.  Dishes everywhere, crafting supplies everywhere, dirt and food all over the floor....guess what we are doing tomorrow morning?  The kids wake up by 6:30 so that gives us lots of time to get the house back in order!  Soccer season has officially begun and we have our first set of games tomorrow!  Gavin and Kenadie both play at the same time so that will be a blessing for the littlest ones!
And finally, if you haven't signed up for the pom pom making it!  They are so fun to make and so easy and you get 2 pom pom makers of your very own if you come to that friday!  We are going to make Christmas pom pom garland which is going to be adorable.  Gavin (who is only 6) can make them all by himself!  There is plenty of space left to sign up so what are you all waiting for?  So it's after midnight now....I guess I didn't realize how late it was when I started writing this!  Yikes.  6:30 is gonna come around way to quickly.  Better get some sleep!  'night!

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