Monday, September 8, 2014

Soccer mom wanna be

 I am  not the typical soccer mom.  You know, the cute skinny mom dressed super cute standing on the sidelines with the hair looking perfect and looking like a million bucks from top to bottom.  I would be the overweight mom unshowered with yoga pants on and some random old t-shirt I found in my drawer  sitting on  top of the dresser from last weeks laundry waiting to be put away.  My hair is pulled back in a loose messy pony tail and there is a zit the size of a mountain on my face.  That would be me standing there-next to the super cute for reals soccer mom.  Now that you have the mental picture of which mom I am (cause you all know you see both kinds of moms standing there) I truly LOVE every single minute of watching my kids play any sport.  Soccer started this past Saturday for Gavin and Kenadie.  They haven't played for a year so they both were a bit rusty, but I was super proud of them.  Gavin is 6 but is on a U-8 team.  Gavin is already pretty short "vertically challenged" for his age and to see him next to kids that are one or two years older than him was quite interesting.  The other boys are at least an entire head taller than him. However, I think he held his own pretty well.  His coach did have to remind him a time or two to get his "head" in the game and I am pretty sure he got pulled out one time because he wasn't focusing on the game.

Overall, I think he did great for his first game.  The other boys are a bit faster than him and a little more aggressive, but he hung in there and played defense like a champ!  It was actually really nice this week because Gavin played on one field and then Kenadie played on the field right next to him so we were able to stand in the middle of the two fields and watch them both play.
 Kens has played soccer before and is pretty much in her own world on the soccer field as well.  Often times she will be doing a dance or staring off into space and not paying attention to the game.  I think it will take her a few games to get into the swing of things again!  Kenadie is all skin and bones!  I knew she was pretty petite, but seeing her play soccer and watching her skinny little legs just reminded me of how tiny she is.

We brought a few cheerleaders along for the games as well.  Griffn, Abbie, and Sadie came along to cheer their siblings on.  However, we forgot to pack snacks which is a big no no when you take Griffin anywhere.  Luckily his sweet sister, Abbie, brought her money along and went and bought him a ring pop...which is what he always picks out.  Then about 1 minute in to eating the ring pop he always always always hands it back and asks for a different snack.  Every. Single. Time.  I always try to convince him to get something other than the ring pop, but he insists that is what he wants.  Today was no different.  By the time Abbie and Griffin walked back to the soccer field he handed me the ring pop and asked for a bag of goldfish.  Well, we didn't have goldfish along and I wasn't going to make Abbie buy him another snack so everyone in our viewing area got to experience Griffin's temper tantrum.  Rolling around on the ground crying, screaming, begging for goldfish.  You may notice there is not a picture of that....well, I tried not to look at him because I didn't want the fancy real soccer moms to know that way my kid causing a ruckus in the middle of two soccer games.  Yes, we are those parents.  The ones that just let their kid cry and scream because simply there is no way to console Griffin other than give him what he wants and we were not going to give in.  The soccer games ended with Griffin still screaming.  I took his hand and we walked to the car with our chairs and our  well behaved other children.  He cried the whole way to the car and the car ride home.  It was magical.  I have a feeling next Saturday Griffin may be having a morning at home with Molly instead of joining us on the soccer fields!  If you see me out at the fields, come and say "hi"... you know how to find me now.  Yoga pants and crying kids.  

 This week is a BIG BIG week here at the farm house!  The first Friday at the Farm is in 4 days.. YIKES... and Lanie's party is on Saturday afternoon.  I have acquired a new love for spray paint.  Seriously, I spray paint everything now.  I found these super cute rainbow headband things on clearance at Target.  I thought they would be cute Ladybug headbands so naturally I bought a can of black spray paint and covered up the rainbow balls and made them black.  I really did like them the rainbow stripe and hated painting them, but you gotta do what you gotta do!  We are also in the process of making some fun games for the party.  It's simply amazing what you can do with pallets!  I will post a full party blog after the big party on Saturday, but wanted to give you all a few teasers :)
 Spay painted beans....stayed tuned for their use!
And another teaser pic as well!  There is still a lot to do to get ready for both Friday and Saturday, but both promise to be a great time!

If you are still wanting to sign up for Fridays at the farm Click Here to sign up!  We still have spots left!  If the spots are filled up, send me an email or leave a comment and I'll see if I can sneak you in :)

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