Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Pictures. Well, an attempt at least.

Remember when I said we have no idea how to use our camera?  Well, here is all the proof you need. From blurry kids to wrong lighting to our F stop being too high or too low and the ISO not set where it needs to be....we are a hot hot hot camera mess.

Sunday night it was gorgeous out so I asked the kids to get dressed for a picture.  They moaned and groaned which led me to yell and throw my hands up and say "forget it, it's ok, I'll just clean up after you all night instead."  Uh huh.  Good times.

Then I cooled down and tried it again.  By this time the kids were scared totally on board with taking pictures so the, of course, got dressed with such happy hearts ;)

These are their Easter outfits.  I have been wanting to take their picture in them since Easter.  Hence the dresses are now WAY too short on a few of the girls.  

So, here you go.  Bad lighting, blurry faces, and one little boy who keeps us on our toes.  We tried twice.  We may have bribed them with birthday cake.  (yes, Dan's birthday was over a week ago and I just made him his birthday cake on Sunday).  By the second round of pictures it was too cold and Griffin had consumed too much sugar.  


We need help.  We need camera help.  We need a professional photographer.  We need something.  Please, someone, help us!  For now these will have to do.  In looking at these I am reminded how incredibly blessed we are.  I needed to be reminded of that today.  Thank you, God, for reminding me at just the right time.

From our crazy home we hope you have been entertained!

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