Monday, September 15, 2014

Popular Pallet Board Session Added!

So after talking with Nellie after our First Friday, we have decided to change the gift wrapping class to a Christmas pallet board session instead.  After thinking about the gift wrapping class, Nellie felt it would be too  hard to teach everyone with the space we Christmas pallet signs are replacing the gift wrap class.  We will be doing the signs similar to the first session with Christmas sayings, phrases and Christmas colors.  I am looking into options for that right now!  If you had signed up for the gift wrapping class (Christi B, Jamie M, Heidi R, and Jill G) you are still signed up for the session.  If you want me to take you off I can...but I hope not!  These would make Christmas decorations or gifts for family, friends or teachers!  

Sign up link is located at the top of the blog.  The session date is for November 21st!  

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