Monday, September 29, 2014

Fridays at the Farm: Session #2 Monogram wrapped letters

For session 2 of Fridays at the Farm, Nellie and I picked out what we thought would be an "easy" craft.  Ha.  Not so much!  

We have 20 ladies slotted to come both in the morning and the evening.  The tables were set with each letter that was chosen along with the jute (twine).  The hot glue guns were plugged in and ready to be used!  It was a beautiful day.

 I happened upon this teal shutter at Joann Fabrics this past week and knew right away it would be perfect to hold the name tags and payment bucket....and it was!  It wasn't on sale, but have no fear, I googled a coupon and found a 50% off one!  Score :)
 I really need to paint that green shutter.  Yuck.
 So that morning session began promptly at 9:00!  With a little instruction from myself and Nellie the ladies were on their way!   We tried to keep the same letters by each other so they could trouble shoot together.  Let's just say the letter "B's" had to do a lot of trouble shooting and processing!
 This craft was a bit more intense.  The pallet sign didn't require as much thinking and concentration. It also required a bit more twine then anticipated!
 The letter "M" and "W's" got to work together and they were a bit tricky as well.
 Griffin and Fin didn't want to participate in the childcare option :)  Sitting and playing the iPad with the ladies seemed a bit more entertaining to them and since they do receive "special" treatment from the ladies running Fridays, they were able to escape the childcare barriers!
 We have two great girls that come and watch the kids while their mommy crafts.  They kids are doing very well and you wouldn't even know they are here!
 I had wanted to get a picture of all the ladies and their letters, but since everyone finished at different times that just wasn't doable.  I LOVE how unique and different the letters all turned out.  Many of the ladies even got a bit creative with their felt flower making.
 After session one ended, clean up began and prep for the evening session began.  There was a bit of panicking going on as we had almost used all the twine for the morning session and couldn't find any more.  Thankfully, we found 10 rolls at Ben Franklin and were able to save the night session!
 The ladies got right to work again.
 The letter "L" ladies finished pretty quickly.  Lucky Ladies :)
 The "C's" and "G's" and "S's" were curvy and challenging as well!  We had 6 letter "S's" during the evening session!

 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  Great job ladies!
 Ms. Williams has a new decoration for her classroom :)

 Lynn is our "closet crafter."  She hates doing crafts, however, closet crafter Creed did an amazing job on her "C".  Her corners were perfect on that "C"
Mother/ Daughter crafting happens here too!

Thanks to each of you that came to session 2!  We truly had a blast!  What a blessing it is to be able to open my home up to all of you!  If you came and don't see a picture of you, it's because 3/4 of my pictures came out blurry...again.   The camera is going in today.  I am sure it is user error, but we are going to go with that after I find out it's not the camera!

Nellie and I have also changed the craft for Friday Nov 7th....we are going to be creating Give Thanks/Merry Christmas Blocks.  We will post a pic of something similar soon!  We are going to add the bow garland on with the pom pom garland craft and try and tie the clipboards in during a different session.

*** Stay tuned as we tweak a few things for Fridays!***  I will be sure to keep you all posted!

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