Friday, September 12, 2014

First Friday at the Farm was a Success.....I think

Phew!  What a wonderful, crazy, busy, joyful, creative, crazy, fun, awesome, crazy day!  I. am. exhausted.  Where do I begin?  Nellie and I have been prepping and planning and organizing and prepping and planning some more to make this Fridays at the Farm thing a reality.  I feel like overall, things ran rather smoothly.  The morning session was a bit more chaotic because we have 14 kids in the house for childcare!  14 kiddos!  How awesome that the moms were able to have some crafting time while their kids were able to play in the next room.  We made it through the first Friday without any crying kids, I think!  

We started the morning off promptly at 9:00 with instruction and details.  Everyone grabbed their pallets and phrases and got right to work.  It was so cool to see the different choices everyone picked out for their pallet sign.  The way the phrases were laid out and the color choices as well were all so unique and different.  We had 19 women in our morning session and another 19 in the evening session.  What a blessing.  Seriously, Nellie and I had no idea if anyone would want to come to something like this and we were packed to the brim at the farm today.  I tried to take pictures with my camera, but 95% of them came out blurry.  I guess I had my settings set wrong.  I would love love love if someone would show me how to use my camera the right way!  Anyways, I am sure Nellie has some amazing pictures and she will send them to me and I will be able to post them as well, but for now these have to do!  

 We had snacks to munch on and coffee to drink and memories and pallet board signs were made.  Only one pallet board fell apart during the painting (sorry Amy!).

So if you are wondering how we made these here are the details:  *disclaimer...we know there are lots of other ways to make these signs....stencils, other tools, and what not....however, we tried to make it with tools people would have around their homes to be able to duplicate if they want to make another one or if someone that couldn't make it wanted to make one....disclaimer over.*  Anyways, first we made pallet board signs.  Just took wood from pallet boards and put them together and nailed them with a piece of wood on the back.  Boom. Sign made.  Next, we printed out our phrases off the computer.  Now I know not all of you have a Nellie in your back pocket to create fun fonts and phrases, but you could make a "stencil" of your own on a computer and just make it super big!  Some people cut their sayings up and placed them differently on their boards and some kept it all in a row.  We taped the "stencil" to the pallet board and used a pen to trace over the outline of the words.  Now this is a very time consuming and tedious task.  Some wood is harder than others so it was hard to see the "imprint" on some of the wood.  We got creative with chalk to help see the imprint better as well. After the entire phrase was traced on the wood the stencil came off and there was an imprint of the phrase in the wood.  That was the outline of what to paint in to create the sign.

 That's when creativity set in.  Different colors, same colors, a pop of color made each sign unique.  Some ladies added polka dots, sun bursts, and even a rocket ship!  Some kept their sign straight and to the point.  I LOVED each and everyone of the signs.  Seriously, they were ALL awesome.  Each and every single one.

We were able to grab a group shot of the morning ladies but it was too dark out for the evening ladies.  I was just so blessed by each and everyone that attended.  I was able to meet new women and catch up with old friends.  I am sorry if I didn't get around to talk and chat with all of you :(  My head was spinning on what I should have done or what we can do differently next time!  Also, I am having a rather large birthday party for my daughter tomorrow and had that on my mind as well!  After the morning session was done we got right to work on preparing for the party tomorrow and then cleaned that all up to set up for the evening session.  Next time I am wearing tennis shoes.  My feet are killing me tonight.  Like big time!  With this weather I should probably pack away the flip flops anyways.

I really hope if you attended you had a great time.  And if you didn't attend there is still room to sign up for more!  This is for any woman that wants to attend.  No need to be a mom or be married or even know me or Nellie!  Feel free to bring a friend (but you have to tell me if you are brining a friend, ok?)  We would love to see you at Fridays at the Farm!

 I will post more pics tomorrow when Nellie sends me her no so blurry photos.  Also, I am not proofreading, again, cause I can hardly keep my eyes open and my contacts are sticking to my eyeballs. Over and out you awesome crafters and friends!  Thank you for making my dream come to life today.

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