Monday, September 1, 2014

Feeling Accomplished!

Where to I begin?  This weekend was a HUGE weekend of starting and finishing projects!  One of the things that has been bugging me since we moved to the farm house is the mess of shoes that is constantly left by the front door.  The rule is: only one pair of shoes per person.   Well I count 5 pair of Lanie's shoes in this picture alone.  Even if we each had one pair at the front door that would be 18 shoes and that's a hot mess right there people.  I was looking at shoe holders and a solution and then..Boom....hello, Susan.  We are in pallet heaven here.  With getting ready for the first friday at the farm pallet making day we have pallets just laying all over the place.  Well, this is what we created.  I say "we" cause you know how that goes.  I think of an idea and then ask Dan to "help" me make it.  Ok, secret...he actually just makes it, I don't really help!  ;)  Well, I did help him measure and paint it.  Basically, he just cut a pallet board down the middle and then we spray painted it.  He wanted to leave it all natural, but it just didn't fit so gray it became.  I am SUPER SUPER happy with how it turned out.  Oh, and get this....Not one pair of shoes was left on the floor today!  The kids actually like sticking their shoes in it!  I am thinking about adding our name it or something to "jazz" it up, but that will have to wait!  
Before: :(

And After!  :)
So in addition to shoe holder making, my awesome long time friend (who LOVES the song "Christmas shoes" btw) gave me a total "light bulb" moment about a week ago.  I have been wanting to open and etsy store for many many years.  I just don't think anyone would buy what I would make.  So Miss Julie suggested I make some things to have at the Fridays at the Farm and see if there would be any interest.  Um, Hello?!?!?  So she took all my material for me and cut it for me.  I once again had a vision and she totally rocked at fabric cutting!  I wasn't expecting her to cut ALL my fabric for me, but she did.  And she's single for all you men out there reading this crafty blog.  Then, my awesome mom came over two days in a row and helped sew and sew and sew in my little sweat shop kitchen.  We have created these awesome fabric banners in all different color options to sell at Fridays at the farm.  I will be posting them in my etsy shop as well!  We made a quick set to put behind my kid's pictures on the wall...I knew it was missing something and this banner was the perfect final touch!  What do you guys think?  
Anyone wanna buy a fabric banner set?!?!?

 I also am creating some banners for fall and other fun things to hang on your walls!  I am working on some adorable pumpkins as well, but you'll have to wait to see those babies!  As soon as I have Nellie help me with packaging this week, my etsy store will be open for business.  (They will be a discount if you are signed up to come to any of the Fridays at the farm!)

And finally, I am also getting ready for Lanie's Lady Bug party.  Our dear friend Annie came over today to see the kids and hang for a bit and she asked what she could do.  I wouldn't recommend ever asking that question when you are at our house.  I am learning to ask for help so when you ask, I will take you up on that.  Our beverage table is set up  and needs some final decoration touches, but is looking good!  I have to apologize to anyone coming to Fridays at the farm the first day because half of my house will be decorated for Lanie's party the following day.  However, this will be a great way for you all to see just how awesome Nellie's DIY parties she creates are!  She designed these water and juice box labels as part of Lanie's party package.  

 The kids had a 4 day weekend and are back to school tomorrow.  That is a good thing.  The amount of food these children consume is outrageous.  There are some days when I feel like I never leave the kitchen...oh wait...there are actually days when I never do leave the kitchen.  I am finding that can be a good thing so I don't have to tackle what the rest of the house looks like.  I made the mistake of putting Gavin's laundry away for him today.  Bad idea.  He now has a clean room.

Okay, time to clean the kitchen....again.  Lanie's going to preschool tomorrow morning...I'm hoping to wake up early to curl her hair.  I'll post pics tomorrow!  'night.

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