Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Fun and Friday's prep~!

Well it's been quite the weekend here at the Wilke Farm house!  We are in full swing of prepping things for the upcoming months.  We had some bad news this week and I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of the bad and stay focused on the GOOD God is doing in our lives.  Sometimes that can be so hard.  My all time favorite Bible verse is: Cast your cares on Him for HE cares for you.  I have been doing a lot of "casting" this week that's for sure.
 Anyways, we took our Saturday to get some prep work done for some upcoming Fridays at the Farm.  When Nellie and I picked the crafts I am not sure we gave much thought about how much prep would need to go into each Friday!  Whoops :)  That is ok, though, because we are coming together as a family to get a head start!  Ok, first of all, check out this wooden cow I got at St. Vinney's yesterday!  I know it's gaudy and a bit weird, but someone is having a cow party in December and this will make a perfect decoration!  That is part of the reason I pick themes so early...I can start keeping an eye out for these kind of things!  It is amazing how many ladybug things I have seen over the past week, AFTER Lanie's party!  Grrrrrr!  Walmart has a whole party section of Ladybug plates and napkins and decor.   They must have seen how awesome my party was and added a section to their store ;)  Cause I am sure Walmart reads my blog.

So while 4 of the 7 children were at a playdate yesterday, Molly and I were able to do a bit of fall decorating on the front porch.  Ever since Dan and I have been married I have told him how much I have wanted a wrap around porch.  I never expected to get one and now that I have one I just love it!  It's old and crumbly and a bit crooked, but it's ours and I love it!  Molly was a great helper with picking out a few pumpkins.  It was actually really really nice.  Having so many children doesn't offer much one on one time.  I really loved my time with Molls yesterday.  It makes me sad that I don't get one on one time with all the kids more often.

 One of the upcoming crafts is Thankful Jars along with a Thankful tree.  I "tested" out the paint we would be using to paint the mason jars with and was quite happy.  I also purchased some fake fallish flowers to put in the jars.  Nellie is designing cute paper to wrap around our jars so my sample is not quite complete yet.  We will also be creating a thankful tree which requires a lot of branches and sticks.  My initial thought was to have you guys each bring your own, but since we have plenty of branches and sticks around our property we took a couple of hours to collect sticks and branches! Gavin and Griffin drove around while Molly and I picked up sticks.  I think we have enough sticks now to fill your thankful tree jar!
 And TAAADAAA!!! More pallet board signs have been made for our Christmas pallet craft!  YIPPEEE!    My nephew Christian came over and between him and Dan, they rocked out more signs!  We had a super great friend deliver over 40 pallets to us the other day so we got right to work.  (and again, I know you all know I mean Dan when I say "we").  Nellie and I have some great ideas for phrases for the Christmas pallet craft and maybe even a few shapes! (Oh holy night with a star of David sign...can't you just see it now?!?!?)

There are a few spots left in both of the sessions I have talked about.  The sign up can be found at the top of the blog under the sign up button!

ALSO:  I have started to stock my ETSY store.  Please check it out and if you want to purchase something, you have the option of picking it up at my house so you don't need to pay for shipping!  Hoping to add more things this week.  Check out my Etsy store HERE

Ok, off to try and take some pics of the kids.  Don't hold your breath for a post on them, Griffin didn't nap today.

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