Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 1 Pallet Craft Update !

Ok, so remember when I wrote that we are not professionals?  I just want you to all keep that in mind!  I am really good at giving things "character" though!  
So Nellie and I decided that we need to practice the craft we would be teaching you all on Fridays at the Farm so we both made pallet signs.  We tired some different techniques and have finalized a plan.  We found that these signs take a bit longer than what we originally thought.  So we had to tweak things so you guys would be able to leave with a finished product.  Our ultimate goal is to have everyone that comes be able to finish their craft so they don't go home unfinished.  I know we had asked you guys to get us phrases you wanted for your pallet signs, but we are going to have to switch that up a little bit if we want you to leave with a finished pallet board.  The two signs you see are the ones Nellie and I created.  Mine, of course, being the birthdate one and Nellie's the one with the anchor.  Both of these signs took us about 4 hours to complete.  (we may or may not have had to take care of children simultaniously  as well which probably didn't help our time average) So in order to have you leave with a fininshed board, Nellie has designed some super cute much short phrases for us to use on our pallet boards.  You will be able to pick your phrase and your paint color to customize the board how you would like.  There is no wrong way to make your sign.  I have included a picture of some of the designs Nellie has created that will be options for you on Friday, September 12th.  I think she has added a few other options as well.  I will be sure to have enough here for you all to pick from.  You can cut and lay out your board however you would like.  
 If you would want the personalized last name options, you will need to let me know that ahead of time.  You can comment on Facebook, comment on this blog post, or email me at :  I am sorry for any confusion!  We simply can't wait!  2 more weeks and you guys will be making pallet boards.  If there is anyone out there that wasn't able to get in because the slots were filled, send me an email....we can squeeze a few more in if you would like!


  1. Would it be possible to do my last name?

  2. Amy, I have you down for your last name :)