Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just in case you wanted to know...

 So the first week of Fridays at the farm has been fully booked.  Wow and Wow!  Nellie and I were so nervous and we thought maybe no one would want to do this.  We are just so excited about this adventure with you all.

As I was looking over the names of people that have signed up, I realized that I don't know many of you guys...which is totally awesome cause I am really looking forward to meeting new ladies and making new friends.  Then I got to thinking, maybe I should share a little bit with you all about who I am so you don't have to panic about coming to my farm!  Just so you all know...we are far from "normal."  We in fact do have seven children.

 Dan (my very good looking husband) and I met in high school when I was junior and he was a sophomore.  I thought he was cute and asked him for a mountain dew and the rest is history.  We dated for 4 years and then said our vows in front of God and our families that we would love each other till the end....and so far, so good!  We always knew we wanted to have kids, we always said we wanted 6 kids and all girls.  Molly is our oldest and she will be 12 in a month...gulp.  Sadie is next in the line and she is 10 and our red head.  Abbie is our 3rd child and got no genes from me at all.  She is 100% her daddy.  Kenadie is our 4th girl and such an easy kid.  After we had her we gave up any and all hope of having a boy.  Then came number 5 and God blessed us with a boy!  Gavin is 6 years old and all boy.  Then we thought we were done.  Thank God He had more in store for us.  Lanie Rae is #6 and has us wrapped around her chuncka munka fingers! When Lanie was 6 months old we found out we were expecting #7.  To say we were a bit shocked would be an understatement.  The past 12 years have kinda been a blur to be honest.  Sometimes I try to remember what life was like when Kenadie was a baby and I can't.
 However, I do know that we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams!  We are so in love with our crazy family and just take it one day at a time.  Most of our pictures involve Griffin screaming.  You would think by our 7th we would have this parenting thing "down."  Well, Griffin has proved to be our most "exquisite" child ;)  He will be 3 in December and each day he grows up a little more and life gets a little easier.

We try to have a balance of life, church, school and activities which proves to be quite the balancing act for sure.  Abbie take ballet with the Milwaukee Ballet school and was in the Nutcracker last year!  I was sure one proud mama!  Lanie loves to dance as well and loves to be on any stage doing anything!  Sadie plays soccer and Gavin will be starting soccer this fall as well.  The kids can each pick one extra curricular activity to do.  Molly's activity right now is enjoying her very own room for the first time since she was a baby.   

 We try to take the kids to as many free and fun places that we can.  We don't have it all together and most of the times someone is crying or has some sort of attitude.  However, those are my favorite times.  Simply being a family together with all our quirks.
We are not sure
what God has in store for us yet.  We have been praying about foster care or adoption.  We would certainly be open to more children if that is what God has planned for us.  As for right now, we are loving the new farmhouse and loving life! 

Thank you all for turing my dream into a reality.   I am really looking forward to Fridays with you all!  If you haven't signed up, we still have plenty of room!  Nellie and I will be practicing our pallet signs and wrapped letters within the week so watch for updates on that! 

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