Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Sign Up Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Ok ladies, it's time to sign up for Fridays at the Farm!  Just a few reminders:

* Please sign up ONLY for the days you know for sure you will be able to make it.  Space is limited and there are many ladies wanting to sign up...taking a space and not showing up will automatically have you removed from any other dates you have signed up for.  ( I know it sounds so harsh..yikes...but we just can't have 15 people sign up and only 8 show up when others could have taken those spots!)  If you sign up for a session and something changes/comes up, please let Susan know ASAP so we can fill in your spot.  

* If the session fills up before you can sign up...please email Susan: or send me a Facebook message with the session/s you were wanting to do ...There could be a possibility of offering the session on the next Friday or if someone cancels we can fill you in.

*We are NOT all.  Well, Nellie is with graphic design...we do have cute things planned, but please don't expect perfection!

* My bathroom may NOT be remodeled by the time the sessions begin.  Dan has asked what needs to do before the Fridays start and he is going to try his best to work on the bathroom....but just in case...You all have been warned :)  It really isn't that bad, but it definitely needs a makeover!  

*We will have a sign up for food/snacks if anyone wants to bring anything!  Drinks will be provided...but be warned...I DON'T have a coffee maker so if you coffee people need coffee...either buy me a Keurig or bring your own coffee!  :)

*If you need childcare, please indicated that with a Yes or a No in the space for that in the sign up.  As soon as we see what the childcare needs are we will gather a game plan on that!  

* There are a few weeks where you are required to bring an item to complete your craft.  We will NOT have extra of those items so please be aware of that!  

* Please bring your $10 with you for each session.  We will have a jar set up for you to put your money in.  It will be as simple as that.  

*Nellie and I are doing this for free!  We are not making any sort of fact, we will both end up out money on this!  Please keep this in mind!


We are not sure how this is all going to go over.  There has been a lot of interest and depending on the sign ups will depend on how often we run the sessions.  Please be patient with us.  Maybe only 2 people will sign up (my mom and Nellie's mom) and we will know that this isn't something other women want to do!  I hope we aren't the only two!  Our plan is to see this grow!  

If you have any questions, please ask away!  

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