Monday, August 25, 2014

Heading to School

Before I post about back to school...have you ever had Gelato?  A very "super" friend of mine met me for Gelato last night for a late night chat.  Strawberry and Lemon flavored are what we both picked.  The combination of them together was delicious.  Thank Michelle for the late night giggles!  

 So like most of you, school starts soon.  Our fist day back was today.  It is always a bittersweet day for me.  I will miss them dearly, but for today I am going to enjoy just a little bit of peace and quiet and just a bit less chaos.  I will, however, be cleaning, remaking beds, laundry, and reorganizing the craft room instead.  We woke up at 6:00 to get a head start...and we still showed up last minute at school!  My mom took the kids back to school shopping a few weeks ago and let them each pick out an outfit.  Notice how the 4 oldest picked similar/same dresses?  Make this mommy smile :)
 Our sweet little "pippy squeak" is starting 6th grade today.  I can't even handle thinking about that right now so I am not going to say anything else about that.  Molly was super excited to go back and full of giggles.  She was the first one in the van waiting to go so we wouldn't be late.  She has a new teacher this year and is pretty excited to be back at school.
 Sadie Grace is heading into 5th grade.  (sigh)  She LOVES loves loves school.  She has amazing friends and is super smart so she couldn't wait to go back.
Abbie is starting 4th grade.  She is my bookworm and loves to read.  I think she was a bit nervous because she was moving up to the "middle school wing" and one of her really good friends is being homeschooled this year.               
Our Kenadie is going into 2nd grade.  Praying she can keep track of her homework this year and focus on staying organized.  Our free spirited Kenadie is mostly in her own world and has a bit of trouble keep on track!       

  G-Dog started 1st grade!  I am looking forward to what this year brings for him.  He sat and read me a book last night and I was blown away!  

This is one of my favorite pics from this morning.  Two always serious, one never wanting his picture taken!  

These two are sure gonna miss their big sisters and brother today.  They have already asked when the sisters are coming home.  They helped pack their lunches this morning and then had to eat them by 7:50 this morning.  They couldn't understand the part of saving what's in the lunch box for lunch!  

We had done some major praying about homeschooling the kids this year a few months ago.  Today I am wishing we would have gone that route cause it is always so hard to say goodbye to my kids...but we will press on.  It wasn't the right timing for us this year, but who knows what God has in store in the future.  For right now, I know they are safe, with teachers that will love and care about them, and give them some individual time with their friends and space from their siblings.  

So happy first day of school (or soon to be first day of school) to all of you!  Whether you homeschool or send your kids to school-have a great school year!  

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