Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Semester Craft Schedule!

Ok, Ladies, Fridays at the Farm has been set and planned!  Here are the details…

We will be meeting every other week starting on September 12th.  We have the crafts planned until the end of December and will keep you posted for days after the New Year.  Nellie and I will be preparing for Fridays at the farm so all you will need to do is show up!  There are a few weeks that we will need you to bring a supply that isn’t covered in the weekly cost and we will let you know that below. 

The cost of Fridays at the farm is going to be $10 a session.  This will cover all the supplies you will need to complete your project and go home with what we create.  We will be having a sign up and will be posting that link on Monday, August 11th.  We are limiting the sessions to 15 spots for each session.  You can sign up for each session or pick only the crafts you want to make and sign up for just that session.  Although, they are all so adorable and fun so I think you should sign up for each session  

Our morning session will meet from 9am-11am and our evening session will meet from 6:30-8:30 at the Wilke farm.  If you need childcare please indicate that on the sign up.  Our plan right now is to have childcare for at least the morning session for sure.  If there is a need for evening childcare and enough interest we will work that out as well.  There will be a small fee for childcare if you are going to need it.  We are not thinking it will be more than a few dollars for the session time. 

Alright, here is the exciting part….THE CRAFTS! 

September 12th: **Pallet Signs **  Cost is $10 and no additional supplies are needed!  We will be creating and painting our own pallet signs!

{all photos found on pinterest}

September 26th: ** Twine wrapped letters and Felt flowers** Cost is $10   We will be wrapping a 12 inch letter with twine and creating felt flowers to use to decorate.  We will need the letter you will want to wrap at the time of sign up.  Please bring a hot glue gun if you have one!

{all photos found on pinterest}

October 10th ** Magnetic Cookie Sheet and Magnets**  Cost is $10.  You will NEED to bring with you a cookie sheet-can be new or used, flat or with a lip.  The air cookie sheets will not work as they are not magnetic! We will be covering the cookie sheet with fabric and making clothspin magnets to coordinate with the cookie sheet!  We will also be making a pen holder as well with a recycled can!

{all photos found on pinterest}
October 24th ** Thankful Tree and Jars **  Cost is $10  We will be creating a thankful tree to use for the month of November as well as Jars that say “THANKS” .  You will need to bring 7 glass jars with for this craft.  They can be mason jars of rinsed out spaghetti jars, pickle jars, or any other larger glass jars.  They do not all have to be the same if you are okay with that look!

{all photos found on pinterest}

November 7th ** Decorated and personalized clip boards and Bow Garland **  Cost is $10.  No additional supplies are needed!   We will be using Hazel and Ruby print paper to create personalized clipboards along with using the cricut to create bow garland.

{all photos found on pinterest}

November 21st **  Gift wrapping with Nellie**  Cost is $10.  Our very own Nellie has a background in professional gift wrapping .  Whe will be teaching us wrapping techniques just in time for Christmas!  You will get to wrap 3 boxes to take home and use to decorate for the holiday!

{all photos found on pinterest}

December 5th
** Christmas Pom Pom Garland **  Cost is $10.  You will use your very own pom pom maker to create a Christmas garland to use to decorate your house or your Christmas tree!  Please bring a sharp scissors!

{all photos found on pinterest}
December 19th
** Cookie Exchange and Christmas party**  No cost!  Bring 15 dozen of the same cookie.  I know that seems like a lot, but everyone will be taking home 15 dozen cookies…15 different kinds!  This is a bit of prep work, but I promise it will be worth it!

{all photos found on pinterest}

Phew!  Are you excited?  We simply can’t wait to hang out at the farm with you, craft, chat, and make new friends! 

We will post a link to the sign up on Monday August 11th! Let’s get our craft on ladies…down on the farm!

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