Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthdays and pallets and supplies, oh my!

 So to say things at the farm have been quiet and uneventful would be a total lie.  Things here have been C.R.A.Z.Y!  Crazy good, but still crazy.  My sweet little Lanie will be turing 4 in less than a month and because I love feeling totally overwhelmed,  I decided to have her birthday party the day after the first Fridays at the farm.  This means I am a prepping and planning mess.  I have also been given a new position at work which has me overseeing a new area of the children's yeah, life is full and busy at the farm!  I have to be totally honest.  Lanie's birthday party is happening a year later than planned.  She was supposed to have her lady bug party last year, but I never made the invitations so we never had the party :(  However, the tiny ladybug box invitations have been made!  I had Nellie design me a tiny invitation to put inside the bug box that I painted red and black.  Then I attached the magnify glass to the top of the invite.  The wording is pretty small on the invite so the idea was to have to use the magnify glass to read the invite.  I found little tiny lady bugs on oriental trading's website which worked perfectly!  Lanie loves her invitations and we are ready to start planning the rest of the party!  Where did the past 4 years go ?  Sigh...

In addition to party planning, Nellie and her awesome hubby dropped off a load of pallets today for our first Fridays at the farm craft.  Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us this next week.  We need to disassemble the pallets and create the pallet board plaques that will be decorated.  I believe I have a few friends coming over to help this week with this so maybe it will be fun ;)
I also ordered all the letters for our monogram friday as well.  38 letters arrived and I have to pick up a few more at the store.  I am going to practice wrapping a few of them so I can give tips and pointers.  I am super super excited for both of these craft projects!

There is still room to sign up for the monogram craft at the night session I believe so if you haven't signed up...go do it!
***The sign up we are using is called Jooners.  If you get an email from them, it IS NOT is from me!  I sent an email out about pallet signs a number of days ago and have only heard from a few of you.  The deadline is TONIGHT if you want your pallet to say something different then what we have pre made for you guys!  Nellie and I are meeting this week and she needs time to work on them.  Please please get me what you want your pallet to say if you want something specifically made for you.  Check your email or your junk mail for the email about the pallet signs if you haven't done so already, that gives all the details!***

I think that's all from the farm for to organize and cut pallets!


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