Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sneaksy Peaksy...

I wanted to give you guys just a little "Sneaksy Peaksy" of what's been happening at the  farm....hence the lack of blog posts.  Phew, it has been quite the week here and Nellie and I are getting super excited!  Craft supplies are being purchased, decorating is being done, sessions are being planned out, and we simply can't wait to get to know you guys!  

 We had pallet making night on Wednesday which was actually pretty eventful.  We spent WAY too much money on 4 large pizzas from a local pizza store...Next time we are eating at the Cheesecake Factory Nellie ;)  Anyways, Nellie and her super sweet husband and kids came over for pallet making fun.  Power tools were used and beer was consumed which kept the men in good spirits.  Actually, I think they enjoyed themselves...or maybe not.
 Dan cut the boards on his "workbench" and Matthew was in charge of assembling the pallet board signs on his "workbench".  Only the best working conditions for our husbands here at the farm of course!  Now I know you guys are all feeling bad for our husbands and think we make them work too hard, but one of the husbands may have gotten a new battery powered nail gun out of this...and the other husband is wishing he would have gotten a new battery powered nail gun out of the deal.  (maybe for your birthday, Dan!)
 They guys were able to finish a little over half of the pallet signs for the first Friday.  It's a shame that Nellie and her family will have to come over again ;)  Dan and I are secretly losers and only have a few friends so we are trying to convince Nellie and Matthew to like us!  Pretty sure expensive pizza doesn't win many people over.
 While the men were outside sign making away, Nellie and I were testing the best way to make pallet signs inside.  We definitely learned A LOT from our trial signs and please watch for an update on week  1's pallet sign.  Don't worry, we are still going to be making them, but we have to do some tweaking so you guys will be able to leave with a finished product.  I will post about that a bit later tonight or tomorrow.  My sign is FAR from done....I am hoping to finish it this week when the kids head back to school.

Nellie rocked her pallet sign.  Of course she did, cause she's awesome.  She wasn't able to finish her sign and took it home with her to finish.  She showed me the finished product that other night and it is so professional looking.  She really did a great job! (Please don't mind the mess behind her...that is what happens when the moms are crafting and the children and unattended  playing. I was at TJ Max today and saw this adorable wrapping paper at the check out line....Sign up for Nellie's gift wrapping class cause you will be wrapping a box in this adorable paper you guys!

 My dining room has officially been set up and transformed for the first week of Fridays.  I don't want to show you everything because I want you guys to be surprised when you get here, but here are a few pics of what I have been up to.
 The cute designs are from Nellie.  I was able to sew her paper graphic design banner she made to some adorable.
The bathroom is almost complete.  We ran to home depot early this morning and got the rest of the finishing touches to complete the bathroom.  I am so excited to show you guys it!  Hopefully you all like the shower curtain...there are mixed feelings on the curtain!
Look at the character this pallet board sign has!  I can see something yellow or white painted on it.  Sigh, this makes me happy! 

And for those of you who think I "have it all together", I just wanted to show you that I don't.  This is my craft room.  Complete with a random vanity and sink that I need to post to sell, boxes of Friday supplies, and all my craft tools I have been using this past week which I didn't put away but instead just piled in the room.  It will get cleaned up this week or maybe not.

So that  is what has been happening this week at the farm!  Well, some of what has been happening.  We had teacher visits, playdates, a trip to the pool, lots of working for both of us, and Dan installed a zip line.  Just another week here on the farm!  So blessed !

*Check back for Week 1 update soon! *

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  1.!!!!!! You will have to give me a tutorial on how you did your date/name sign too! I have 5 pallets waiting for projects and that is on the list..where it will go in the house..who knows!!!